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Termite router

Munched signage
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In much the same fashion as a printed circuit board is designed, your piece of wood is impregnated with a chemical pattern which has areas of attraction and repulsion for termites.

After applying the termites, their progress is monitored for a period of time. When they have finished their work, they are rapidly retired via some means, such as irradiation / heat / cold / pressure / vacuum / chemicals / predators / being shifted to a new workpiece.

My insectly gnawed "Welcome" sign stands out in high relief. And if the termites could read, they would have realized they were lied to.

lurch, Sep 26 2006


       Genius! Lying to termites is good, folks, they're little bastards and they deserve it... <twitch><mumble> I was there, you know, I mean, on the receiving end of a terrifying programme of psychological warfare from termites, they would eat a novel before I could finish it </mumble></twitch>
Azazello, Sep 26 2006

       what [Azazello] said
pertinax, Sep 26 2006

       Yeah, you just need to add an IP address to them and...what was the question, again?
Ling, Sep 26 2006

       They would make better rep-eaters, shirley. (Sorry.)
Shz, Sep 26 2006

       cool +
xandram, Sep 26 2006

       Croissant for idea, supercroissant for the fun-to-sayness of the idea subtitle.
calum, Sep 26 2006

       I had an idea a while back for a Termite Power tool - never fleshed it out and don't need to now, because this is much better. Get your termites to chew on this +
xenzag, Sep 26 2006

       The steampunk in me likes the idea of termite circuit boards, but our vendors have long enough lead times to supply us in the old fashioned manner. (+)
normzone, Sep 26 2006

       Write it, and I will vote.
normzone, Sep 27 2006

       [Lurch] Maybe I'm wrong, but I think, that if at this point in your life , you are having a problem with termites, little signs ain't gonna work. But I will vote yes only because I picture you putting up little signs with your right hand, with your medication in the other.
SuperHole, Sep 27 2006

       Chocolate might work. How can they not like chocolate?   

       Darn. I thought this was a Thermite Router
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 29 2006

       ... So did I.   

       Have you posted it yet? .. Hello [8th of 7]...
Custardguts, Oct 03 2011

       I wonder if you could do this by routering out the sign with the smallest possible bit, then gluing a nonchewable surface flat against it and releasing the termite. I assert the termites will chew against the place where there already is some damage, enlarging the routed space and giving the illusion of organicity.
bungston, Oct 03 2011


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