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Terrorist/Hated Person Effigies

Send a message.
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It's about time we got to send a more personalized message to terrorists and people we hate.

I don't think governmental rhetoric itself, even combined with military action, is enough to send the message we'd really like to convey.

Available at most convenience and some retail stores, T/HP Effigies are available in two sizes and each comes with its own mini fire extinguisher, which is used as needed.

Also available is the Bring it to Them(tm) kit, which includes a digital camera and black and white printer, made to capture your burning effigy and print it out for easy propaganda generation to be dropped on those recipients without modern technology.

Also see "Abstract Psychological Warfare"

turner, Sep 22 2001


       'Sending a message' doesn't work. I'd rather save my lighterfluid for the real thing.
StarChaser, Sep 22 2001

       Face on a 3$ bill?
reensure, Sep 22 2001

       I believe newspaper in NY ran a headline "BASTARDS!" the day after the attacks. My local, the Sydney Morning Herald, ran a headline that read "The Face of Evil", and showed a picture of one of the suspected hijackers boarding his last flight.   

       I fishbone this idea because burning effigies, to me, represents helplessness - a last resort for people who aren't being listened to. I think that while we can use language to express our dislike of the suspects, what we think they did, and what we think they stood for, we should because anything else would be seen to be futile.
sdm, Sep 23 2001

       I often wonder, when I see news reports of anti-American demonstrators burning the Stars and Stripes, where they get them from. Is there a shop in Kabul selling American flags? Or do people buy them on holiday in Florida, just in case?
angel, Sep 23 2001

       When a Honeywell Bull minicomputer my colleagues and I wrote software on long ago ceased working, we tried to fix the machine ourselves, but didn't get anywhere, and tech support was slow in coming. Bored, I built a small likeness of it out of modelling clay (basically a big white block), hung it above the real machine with a wire from the ceiling, and stuck needles in it. One of my colleagues sent a photograph of the result to Bull. A technician showed up the next morning.
[OK, thanks.]
jutta, Sep 28 2001

       lets burn effigies of people we don't like. this is possibly the least original idea I've seen here, after all, the people who burn Guy Fawkes, the Pope, Osama or Bush effigies don't tend to do it out of love. -
stilgar, Jul 26 2004


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