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Punch Bob

The hateable inflatable
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This blow up bobbing punch toy takes advantage of the latest flexible LCDs and a USB or wifi interface to display to put your current number 1 enemy's face and will keep bouncing bac for that satisfying workout experience. The advanced user can upload their favorite sound bytes to enhance the workout

Gloves highly recommended.

Using a baseball bat voids the warranty

theircompetitor, Mar 02 2006

Inspired by UB Outraged_20Majority_20Pacifiers
[theircompetitor, Mar 02 2006]


       Yay, gonflable!
skinflaps, Mar 02 2006

       Lunch Bob on the other hand displays the face of a friend and keeps you company when you have no one to sit with in the canteen.
wagster, Mar 02 2006

       Whilst Plumb Bob just hangs around.
coprocephalous, Mar 02 2006

       never understood sponge bob
po, Mar 02 2006

       He's a washout.
egbert, Mar 02 2006

       Spongy Bernadette? No, I don't even want to go there.
zen_tom, Mar 02 2006

       Callyspongia vaginalis and sea squirt bob?
skinflaps, Mar 02 2006

       //Callyspongia vaginalis// Sounds like a scary feminist trifle, either that, or a worrying social disease.
zen_tom, Mar 02 2006

       trifle as in jelly and cream?
po, Mar 02 2006

       and sherry-soaked sponge.
DrCurry, Mar 02 2006


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