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Test Your Kegel Strength

Use your Kegel muscles to ring the bell and win a prize
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Just like the game at county fairs where you smash a hammer down causing a thing to fly up and hit a bell (if you're strong enough), only instead of hitting it with a hammer, women squeeze a phallic thing (fresh condom provided) with their Kegel muscles to ring the bell. Not sure what the prizes would be.
mrthingy, Jul 05 2003


       Now if one could increase the G-forces at a certain spot...
FarmerJohn, Jul 05 2003

       don't pick your spots, they will never get better.   

       this sort of thing is a bit of a (what would you call it) a schoolboy myth.
po, Jul 05 2003

       First thought - yee ha, ooh aah.   

       Prizes - Ben wa balls, etc. etc. etc.   

       mrthingy - pass that thingy and lets see if I can ring that bell... (the cat ringing the bell rather than the other way around). I'll be gentle, really, I promise ;)
thecat, Jul 05 2003

       [ ...Not sure what the prizes would be.] The awe and admiration(and popularity) of the people who witness it, no doubt.
Spare parts, Aug 26 2004

       I've quit my engineering job and I'm looking for a new career path. Perhaps I can be of assistance?
CecilL, Sep 27 2005


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