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small world subway

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It's a small world themed subway line
sukiyaki, Sep 21 2008


       Is it a small-world themed subway line, a small world-themed subway line, or a small world themed-subway line?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2008

       I think after hearing the fifteenth chorus, it would turn into the small world serial killers training coach.
Voice, Sep 22 2008

       I second [Voice]'s motion, it would make road rage look like a happy pass time. (-)
MisterQED, Sep 22 2008

       subway ride pass singing dolls
sukiyaki, Sep 28 2008

       I was rather more intrigued by the concept of a subterranean motorized subway system for ants and other ground-dwelling insects. I wondered if they would learn to "commute" between home and work and feeding places, and if so, what changes would we see in their societies. Would 24 hour-a-day access to an active tube system give them more "quality time" to spend with their nuclear families? Or would they use it to further territorial domination and colony warfare?
jurist, Sep 28 2008


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