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Tetris/Breakout combo two-player game

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Player 1 plays Tetris, building a wall of bricks at the top of the screen; Player 2 plays Breakout, demolishing the wall from the bottom of the screen.
hippo, Apr 23 2004


       But then wouldn't player 1's goal be the opposite of the goal in tetris?   

       Oh, I see. It's a *cooperative* effort to get rid of the wall. Cool!
phundug, Apr 23 2004

       I like it. It needs revision or clarification or something...
snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004

       Actually, this would work better as a competative game. Envision this: There is a screen that looks much like the Tetris screen, except twice as tall. In the middle of the screen is the baseline. The falling bricks stop at this baseline. When the Tetris player completes a row, instead of the bricks in that row disappearing, all of the bricks move down one row. The Breakout player below is trying to elimintate all the bricks before the bottom row gets to the bottom of the screen. If the Tetris player manages to get a brick to the bottom then that is a win. If all the bricks are eliminated or the bricks go off the top of the screen, then the Breakout player wins.
GenYus, Apr 23 2004

       ...so what does the breakout player do at the start of the game?
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 23 2004

       Try to hit the bricks as they are falling?
GenYus, Apr 23 2004

       Seems kind of uneven. If the tetris player does well, the breakout player loses faster, but nothing the breakout player does affects the tetris player.
Selkie, Apr 23 2004

       ...mmm, yes, I accept it does need some sort of revision. I was putting forward the broad conceptual picture of combining Tetris and Breakout without worrying too much about rules or whether it would work.
Something like [GenYus]'s suggestion sounds good. Or do it on points, so the Tetris player gets points for completing rows and the Breakout player gets points for destroying blocks. If it gets to the point where the Tetris player is trying to complete the row which the Breakout player is destroying then it gets interesting (particularly if the Breakout player does in fact 'break out' - their ball might then bounce around in the top half of the playing area destroying the Tetris players falling blocks).
hippo, Apr 24 2004

       Another possibility is that when the Tetris player completes a row, it doesn't dissapear but shifts down into the Breakout player's area.
hippo, Apr 26 2004

       The breakout guy wouldn't be able to breakout because the tetris guy lays about 4 blocks in one go where as the normal breakout player hits one block at a time, unless he got those easy guns & killer balls which tend to finish the game straight away. Not much interest. Java it up and I will tell you what I think after playing it.
PainOCommonSense, Apr 26 2004

       You must not have much common sense, [pocs], 'cause if he makes a version he's baking it! Why the heck would he want to go through all that work to nullify this idea? Though I certainly wouldn't mind playing this either... +
ghillie, Apr 26 2004

       Fair point [ghillie]. Hows about a big gorrila lobs barrels down the tetris blocks and a short plumber jumps about squashing walking mushrooms. For added bonus a yellow head can munch through all the bricks being chased by ghosts. With a PS2™ Multi-Tap we could turn this into a 4 player.
PainOCommonSense, Apr 27 2004


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