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Text->Voice Copy and Paste

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Let's say you've broken down in your car and are phoning a breakdown service but you're not sure precisely where you are. You should be able to Copy your location coordinates from your smartphone's GPS mapping app and Paste this into your phone conversation with the breakdown service. The phone will either send the data as a data packet, or send it as speech, reading out the GPS coordinates in a synthesised voice.
hippo, Jun 19 2014

Vaguely associated uses for GPS and vehicles... GPS_20moderated_20transmission_20settings
[normzone, Jun 19 2014]


       Coming from a person who is perpetually lost, no matter where I'm driving, I grant you this one provisional bun. It's yours if you can see this through to fruition, because it's a must have for me. +
blissmiss, Jun 19 2014

       I remember the Psion organisers in the early '90s, they would play the DTMF tones for a number in your digital address book, so you could hold the device up to the phone reciever to dial. So high-tech it was like magic!
pocmloc, Jun 19 2014

       There are quite a lot of ways in which the Psion organisers haven't yet been improved upon.
hippo, Jun 19 2014

       I pseem to remember that their pscreens were quite psmall.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2014


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