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Web-based Cell Phone Settings.

Change ring tones and what not from a web page
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I was reading nomadic wonderer's silent mode trap idea when i thought, why not be able to change the ring back to 'loud' from a webpage.

The idea is if you misplace your phone and it is set to silent mode, you can't call it to make it ring to help you find it.

You could hit a button on your personalised web page (provided by your carrier) and the phone would beep loudly, to help you find it. Or you could change other settings.... you can already email pictures to them, can't you?

All the other cell phone settings are game too. update the phone book it holds, etc.

changokun, Feb 14 2004


       Thats a valid idea. Or we could do what [engineer1] suggested. But if you read the comments of my page you will learn that the annotations make a valid point... cell phones are not lost all the time, and so the fellow bakers believe.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 14 2004


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