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Texting And Driving Demolition Derby

Reading of, and responding to texts factored into race.
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This is obviously a closed course event. Racers drive a standard race course with high speed race cars that have one addition: there is a screen on the dash giving them texts throughout the race that they must respond to quickly or the speed of the car will be reduced.

Questions would be along the lines of "What is the middle day of the week?" and the driver would have only a few seconds to type in "Wednesday" or his speed would be progressivly diminished the longer they take. After a certain amount of time without the correct word being typed in the car will stop altogether. This might happen when a rushed driver spells the word wrong or fails to hit enter. No mistakes will be allowed.

The winner is determined by the person who first crosses the finish line just like any other race.

Crashes? You betcha!

doctorremulac3, Apr 30 2018


       Can the drivers score additional points by tweeting a selfie every time they're involved in a collision?
Wrongfellow, Apr 30 2018

       I like that, but with a twist.   

       Speed boosts will be given for selfies. 10% boost for a selfie, an additional 5% for smiling (cameras can easily detect that now) and another 5% for giving a thumbs up.   

       These would be displayed on the big screen along with the number of the car and the name of the racer causing the crowd to go wild.   

       Of course, selfie bonus speed boosts are only available if you're hitting your text responses on time.   

       Close your eyes and push the "Blind Supercharge" button and you get full speed for the entire length of time your eyes are closed.   

       So I'd break it down this way.   

       Your gas pedal allows you to go from 0 to 70% of the car's full throttle providing you're answering all your texts at the correct response rate. A selfie gives you a five second boost to 80%, 85% to 90% throttle depending on if you're smiling and giving a thumbs up. Closing your eyes opens the throttle 100% for as long as your eyes are closed.   

       Obviously you don't get penalized for not answering texts when your eyes are closed.
doctorremulac3, Apr 30 2018

       //and another 5% for giving a thumbs up// - and more bonus points for a double thumbs up, I would hope, with the implication that you've put the camera on self-timer, balanced it on the dashboard, and taken both hands off the wheel...
hippo, May 01 2018

       //more bonus points for a double thumbs up//   

       I'd go ahead and give that a full throttle for the duration. So you'd have a video camera that senses a) dual thumbs up and b) a big smile you'd go full speed during that whole time.   

       Come to think of it you could get rid of the accelerator pedal altogether. Just have the car move by texting and taking selfies.
doctorremulac3, May 01 2018


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