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X-Treme Go Karts

Guns are fun
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It's regular go kart racing, but every driver has a paintball gun mounted on the dash. Try to make your opponents lose control. Head shots recommended.

Imagine this in the Autopia at DisneyLand.

maabbott88, Mar 07 2004


       + IF you change the rules to have your enem, errr, opponents are people you hate and the gun are real/not paintball guns
dickity, Mar 07 2004

       Sounds more like a modification of paintball than Go-Karts. Twisted Metal Paintball, baby!   

       There actually are extreme go-karts that reach 200 mph and are raced professionally.
Eugene, Mar 07 2004

       Yeah, they're called Formula One.
bristolz, Mar 07 2004

       I'd also vote for a small tennis ball launcher to Jam up the wheels of my opponent.   

       Even at 35mph, that would be ten times more exciting to watch than NASCAR or F1.
WordUp, May 31 2004

       I wanna play.
Eugene, May 31 2004

       In Die Hard 3, there's a scene where Bruce Willis, being chased by bad guys shooting at his car, does a 360 degree handbrake turn and shoots the baddies as he spins on the road (while doing about 60). Unrealistic in real life, but with a little practise I'm sure those go-kart guys could pull off tricks like that.
spacemoggy, May 31 2004

       not a bad idea, but i'm tempted to bone it for the 'X-Treme'.
seems too petty, so i'll abstain.
stilgar, Jun 04 2004


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