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The 21 Megapixel Mirror

The ultimate Vanity Mirror
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This is a bathroom mirror that's not really a mirror at all. It's actually a high-definition LCD screen, attached to a 21-megapixel camera (believe it or not, they exist) with a whole lot of zoom. Zoom is controlled by foot pedals, like the faucets on hospital sinks. Want to make sure you got every single out-of-place hair? ZOOM! Want to make sure your makeup was applied in an even coat? ZOOM! Want to get an up-close look at a mole to make sure it's not a melanoma? ZOOM! And if you'd like to snap a high-resolution portrait of your sexy self, well you can do that, too. Be sure to check out our exciting line of floor-length models!

Brought to you exclusively by 21-st Century Quest Engineering. We know you're perfect. Now let's show the world!

21 Quest, Apr 24 2009

LCD_20Mirror http://www.halfbake...m/idea/LCD_20Mirror
Less resolution for bad hair days. [shudderprose, Apr 25 2009]

Hey, it could facilitate this! http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Snap-n-Grow
Sorry, yup, shameless self promotion of an old, crappy idea. [Zuzu, Apr 28 2009]


       Sadly, I'm not perfect. Can I buy this secretly?
zeno, Apr 24 2009

       But of course, good Baker. We exercise only the highest level of discretion for the satisfaction of our valued customers.
21 Quest, Apr 24 2009

       The market for image processing software to smooth out wrinkles, expand muscles, etc in the "reflection" would be huge.
Custardguts, Apr 24 2009

       Oh sorry, what was I thinking?

       ... Digital cameras already exist, and so do mirrors. I was in a shopping centre the other day and saw my image in a TV screen at a hi-fi store. That makes this baked.... And I saw something remotely like it in a movie one time... And I read this book....
Custardguts, Apr 24 2009

       Well I can see someone's a little bitter. Hope you feel better later.
21 Quest, Apr 24 2009

       Just making a point, mate.
Custardguts, Apr 24 2009

       Come on, I'm not *that* judgemental. But I see your point, and will try to be a little... (choking... coughing... sputtering...) *gentler*, if that's what everyone wants.
21 Quest, Apr 24 2009

       Everyone is definitely not here.

       [marked-for-del3tion] widely known to exist. If the fact that they haven't done it up to 21mp makes this a viably separate idea, I want to debate about it.
daseva, Apr 25 2009

       It's the ability to take snapshots, zoom, and to do it handsfree, that makes the difference. I added a zoom and foot pedals for control, which makes it, in my mind, completely different.

       The mirror in the first link is only a 12-inch screen and handheld. The mirror in the second works only in black and white, says and implies nothing about a zoom option, and doesn't mention any way to take snapshots or to control any aspect of it handsfree. As far as the higher resolution, it's required for the close-up inspection of your skin as you search for flaws.

       So you see, there are plenty of differences, not just a slight alteration. As far as "widely known to exist" I've never seen anything like it in the realworld, and I don't see any links to anything like it in the real world, so I have no idea what you mean.
21 Quest, Apr 25 2009

       You are right, sir. I just assumed this was already around... the only thing I could find was LCD TVs that turn into mirrors when they are off. Ehh. What? mfd rescinded..
daseva, Apr 25 2009

       Someone would invent the talking mirror.

       "You've got a zit coming on your forehead"

       "You've got some extra blackheads on your nose"

       You would also be able to turn round and it would advise

       "Your bum does look big in that"
DenholmRicshaw, Apr 25 2009

       "You are the 2,451st most beautiful in all the land."
Aristotle, Apr 25 2009

       So, you're coupling a 21 Mpixel camera to an LCD screen, with a resolution of what, max 3.5K x 2K?

       (for the aritmetically-challenged, that's 7 MPixels.)

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 25 2009

       Vanity and price. Vain people want things with lots of numbers that they can boast about. I, as the merchant, want them to buy things with lots of numbers on the price tag. So, while a 7 MP camera may cost little, the 21 MP camera has much more market appeal and costs much more. This satisfies both my target consumers and my desire to retire early ;)
21 Quest, Apr 25 2009

       Well, it may be a baked idea in general, where a cam is coupled with a screen. But I dont think that was a special purpose coupling.

       When you do a special purpose coupling, you can do a lot of customizations. You can add software/ASICs that assist in image processing.Several ideas pop immedietely. 1) detection and highlighting of pimples, wrinkles etc.. 2) If fed with details of different beauty creams, etc., it can give perfect measurements of the cream(,etc..) to apply to get a really nice face(one of the many styles you can choose from). 3) Try different make up, face decorations (bindi, earrings, eyelid decorations, etc.) without really wearing them.

       [AbsintheWithoutLeave] the 21 Mpixel helps when you are out of optical zoom in and switch to digital zoom.
kamathln, Apr 25 2009

       Unless the image is flipped, left side with right side, before displaying it, this is not really the equivalent of a mirror. It is actually a "this is how others see you" device.
Vernon, Apr 25 2009

       [Vernon] When it has advanced features as I explained above, Do you think having a choice to see Normal or fllipped is a great deal?
kamathln, Apr 25 2009

       It could also detect any changes to the number or size of moles to help in cancer detection, and show you in timelapse your appearance over the last decade or so as a mortality reminder.

       The basic concept has been baked at least since someone first used a webcam as a mirror substitute, but there are a few interesting ideas here.
spidermother, Apr 26 2009

       hey, where is 21 quest to tell us this idea has been baked...?

fishboner, Apr 27 2009

       ...likes her hair better the way she sees it than the way it is seen by others...

       oh and, ++
Zuzu, Apr 28 2009


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