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Smart bath fan

We have the technology
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All this talk about bathroom fans with timers, motion sensors, flush-detectors... Why not just make a bathroom fan that can detect the distinctive odours of poop and/or farts, and that runs until they're gone? We have the technology.

We've been at this so long, I realize there's a big chance this, and any other ideas I could cook up, will have been "baked". I had to vent my thoughts, though.

Ander, Dec 09 2021

Sensor Fan https://hackaday.co...s-steamy-or-smelly/
Some-one elses version [neutrinos_shadow, Dec 09 2021]

Does this smell funky to you? https://www.youtube...watch?v=eJs_aJgMhi4
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 09 2021]

Vent-Axia Bathroom Fan With Odour Sensor https://www.vent-ax...ving%20environment.
On the market for years, not some hack-a-day experiment. [a1, Dec 09 2021]


       It will need an "acceptable minimum" rather than "zero" to stop. Apparently, there's fecal matter floating around everywhere (in tiny amounts...).
Also, linky.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 09 2021

       It is being worked on [link], but hardly widely known to exist so... (+)   

       [-] WKTE.
a1, Dec 09 2021

       Uh huh. Fess up. Were you 'actually' aware that this product existed before [Ander] posted this or did you look it up after the fact?   

       [a1]; "years" is a bit of a stretch. The article you linked is only from 2019!
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 10 2021

       I knew these existed but I had to look up the vendor to offer a link. There might be more than one on the market, I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen one from US company rather than UK.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       // years is a bit of a stretch … from 2019 //   

       More than one, innit? PR blurb was from March 2019, so it’s more than two - closer to three years now. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other vendors with similar products, even if Vent-Axia claims to have been first to market.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       Objection! Prosecution is leading the jury.   

       Kidding. I just contend that widely-known-to-exist might be a stretch.   

       Agreed. I've never heard of them. Then again, I'm not often in the bathroom fan market. But as often as I use it, you'd think I'm the 95th percentile customer...
RayfordSteele, Dec 10 2021

       Y’know, whether you or I know about something isn’t a good marker for “widely” known to exist. It’s really pretty narrow minded to think “Well, *I* never knew so it must be pretty obscure.”   

       I do know of this product but that’s not why I said WKTE. If an obvious search phrase in Google (like “odor sensing bathroom fan”) turns up lots of hits on the first page, it’s fair to say a lot of people do know about it or have at least thought about it.   

       I don’t post 99% of “my” ideas because they don’t pass that Google test.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       I do believe that that mind-set will discourage innovation.   

       I've independently thought up many inventions which have been thought up by others previously, but posted them to find out if they exist.   

       My gut didn't tell me that this already existed, and my own personal experience didn't tell me that this already existed.   

       So... in my own mind only... it's not widely known to exist and I am happy to be exposed to its existence.   

       That would have not happened otherwise... so...   

       ....(+) from me.   

       // I've independently thought up many inventions which have been thought up by others previously, but posted them to find out if they exist //   

       Wow, someone should really teach you to use a search engine. Of course, when you use HB for that instead, you say piss-off io someone telling you something you don’t want to hear - Google and the others are sort of immune to that.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       I like to believe that I know about a fair number of things which are 'widely known.' Especially as I've been in a bathroom or two in my life. No, I didn't Google it, but also no, I'm also not one to rush to judgment on ideas posted from less frequent users, and this isn't a court case, so...
RayfordSteele, Dec 10 2021

       Aye, but one way or another bathroom fans are often discussed on HB. I thought of the odor sensing thing myself years ago, searched around a bit, and saw it had been done. Some people* would post something like that anyhow - whether they knew of prior art or not - and insist they were brilliant and original.   

* "some people" but not you [RayfordSteele] nor [Ander]. I won't mention any names but there's more than one!
a1, Dec 10 2021

       Whatever. "Oh no! The wall has been breached by nonoriginal ideas! Fall back! Fall back to the Keep!"
RayfordSteele, Dec 10 2021

       Exactly. At least it isn't magical thinking.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       ^^Maybe, the new silicon wafers, can calculate needed the ratio.
wjt, Dec 31 2021


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