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The Artist Formerly Known as UnaBubba

It ain't me.
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Inspired by an anno by [lintkeeper2] and by general admiration of *The Artist Formerly Known as [UnaBubba]*. I'm still pretty new here... apologies if I have offended anyone.

(to tune of Prince's 'Raspberry Beret')

I was lurking full time in a kitchen-like clime
My boss was [anonymity]
He told me several times not to halfbake while on-line
'Cos I was a bit too leisurely

Seems that I was browsing something close to nothing
Stupider ideas than ever before
Throw your noisy printers, your effing printers
From your building's top floor, top floor

Twenty-two ideas a day
Filtering trolls gets to be such a bore
Twenty-two ideas a day
The kind you find in a second hand store
Twenty-two ideas a day
I think I slumber

Bitchy like I was
You had the nerve to ask me
If I planned to do it any harm
So, look here
I put the other newbie on the back of my bike
And we went riding
Down by old man Johnnie's Farm

I said now, your other i-deas never turned me on
But something about the croissants and her mixed
She wasn't too bright
But I could tell when she deleted me*
She knew how to get her kicks

(* annos)

Twenty-two ideas a day
Filtering trolls gets to be such a bore
Twenty-two ideas a day
The kind you find in a school in grade four
Twenty-two ideas a day
I think I slumber

One idea per month don't look so cool when you're being uncouth
And [lintkeeper2] wonder who [UB] are**
The crap drowns out what the lightning seeks
An idea that is a star

** definitely not me, thanks for asking

They say your first idea ain't the greatest
But I tell ya
If I had the chance to do it all again

I would have another poke
'Cause baby I'm not the most
Vicious as [UB] was back then

(Twenty-two ideas a day)
The kind you find (The kind you find)
The kind you find (In a second hand store)
Oh no no
(Fishbone fishbone)
(And if it was warm)
Where have all the croissants gone?

I think I... I think I... I think I would love one

Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 18 2004

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince http://www.youtube....watch?v=wcMuTsBFQTE
A rare opportunity to see him hunting... [wagster, Feb 11 2010]

Turtles_all_the_way_down http://en.wikipedia...es_all_the_way_down
Maybe not so much pillars. [csea, Feb 12 2010]

http://wrongcards.com/ecard/bury-hatchet [Phrontistery, May 26 2012]


       we believe you!
po, Jun 18 2004

       // we believe you! //   

       Pretty sure there is nothing in the quality of my work to date that would suggest otherwise...
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 18 2004

       so modest!
po, Jun 18 2004

       Anagram: A muscular sunset   

       we believe you!
thumbwax, Jun 18 2004

       Well, I know who you are.
ldischler, Jun 18 2004

       yes but who are *you*
po, Jun 18 2004

       I've hidden behind my real name.
ldischler, Jun 18 2004

       [po] - you're not asking who *I* am are you?   

       [thumb] hope you haven't been waiting long for an idea of mine to use that anagram??
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 18 2004

       I saw [UnaBubba] drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's. His hair was perfect.
lintkeeper2, Jun 18 2004

       [LT] Relax. I was responding to po.
ldischler, Jun 18 2004

       Me neither.
skinflaps, Jun 18 2004

       Sorry [Idischler], my misunderstanding. I've edited my overly defensive anno. Was the //I know who you are// responding to po as well?
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 18 2004

       // There would be very few usernames here that are reflective of real names.// I'm hiding behind the name David Scothern. Make up your own mind. :p
david_scothern, Jun 18 2004

       Op is an anagram of [po]!
MikeOliver, Jun 18 2004

       Apologies to Sting

"Every breath you take
Every click you make
Every vote you take
Every post you bake
He'll be watching you

Oh can't you see - where's the real UB?
Among all the fakes
He'll take up more space..."

<passing the baton to someone else....>
badgers, Jun 18 2004

       // It ain't me. // ... but that's exactly what you would say if you ARE [UB] and you wanted to fool us, isn't it?
luecke, Jun 18 2004

       [luecke] True.
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 18 2004

       [LT] appears to live in a city several hundred km removed from [UB]'s. It definitely isn't him /her. :)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 18 2004

       [luecke]: ...and that's exactly what you would say if you wanted to take attention away from yourself, isn't it?
yabba do yabba dabba, Jun 18 2004

       <obligatory sparticus>No, *I'm* [UnaBubba]!</os>   

       (Good, now that's out of the way...)
Detly, Jun 18 2004

       ha ha (nervous laughter) ... don't be silly [yabba], I was simply trying to point out the fact that... LOOK OVER THERE!   

luecke, Jun 18 2004

       Two clues:
1: He's still here.
2: He hasn't annotated this yet.

       well she was always very hairy.   

       2fries, don't be so sure of that.
po, Jun 18 2004

       I am only sure of my own mortality and even that has yet to be proved.   

       "No, I'M Spartacus !"
normzone, Jun 18 2004

       if you are - then I want nothing to do with you ever again!
po, Jun 18 2004

       //swearing at imaginary assailants// Ha!   

       Is it just me, or is [Zanzibar] actually [po]?
Worldgineer, Jun 18 2004

       yeah, we swap identities from time to time. I am the pretty sexy one.   

       he is the fat, smelly one with the rather small d...
po, Jun 18 2004

       BTW: I'm assuming you're just playing with [UB], but sarcasm doesn't come across very well on the HB.
Worldgineer, Jun 18 2004

       <chicken licken>Help! The Sky is Falling. </chicken licken>
gnomethang, Jun 18 2004

bristolz, Jun 19 2004

       //[thumb] hope you haven't been waiting long for an idea of mine to use that anagram?? - Lacus Trasumenus//   

       About 30 seconds
thumbwax, Jun 19 2004

       // I'm [Lacus Trasumenus] !* //   

       Bastard, using my account to post all your shit ideas...   

       ... actually maybe not *all*.
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 20 2004

       I was reading an old idea and noticed the annotations read like Swiss cheese. So is UnaBubba gone? Is this old news?
ldischler, Feb 09 2010

       Recent sad old news. Sadly to say.
blissmiss, Feb 09 2010

       Yes, but, well, two things, well, three things.   

       One: He hasn't actually died, just left.
Two: He may be lurking.
Three: He may have gotten a life. I know i waste too much time here and i'm not saying he did, but it's not necessarily sad that he's not now contributing.
Four: We don't actually know he's not here under another name.
nineteenthly, Feb 09 2010

       No, no he was not.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2010

       I had another thought last night about this. [Bristolz], i presume, interacted with [UB] on here and those dialogues don't now make sense. Any annos she put on his ideas are also gone. I think that's a shame.
nineteenthly, Feb 11 2010

xenzag, Feb 11 2010

nineteenthly, Feb 11 2010

       //No, no he was not.//

Yes, he was / is. Not always in a bad way.
angel, Feb 11 2010

       Angel darling. I'm so glad to hear your voice. I've missed you.   

       And you are right, but I was being nice. I think everyone should only say positive things, or nothings.   

       No one knows what precipitates a persons behavior or actions except that person. Hence I hope not to judge, lest I be judged.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2010

       Come on, he had a heart of gold!
nineteenthly, Feb 11 2010

       He had little tolerance for people who would not learn. Usually his barbs to them were well-deserved. Sometimes they actually started to learn as a result.
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2010

       I come here when my brain is hibernating in between lunch and something drab... Why would such a place be taken seriously?
daseva, Feb 12 2010

       I come here to learn 'and' have fun.
I am starved for knowlege but since I can't stay focused for more than fifteen seconds at a stretch it seems that I need to be bombarded with input from multiple angles in order for any of it to stick, so this site and its eclecticnicity is about the closest thing I've ever found to the way my teenage bedroom of a brain ticks.
It kinda pissed me off when all of his cast off knowlege went poof.
You say that //he had little tolerance for people who would not learn// ,well...I was learning that crap.

       It's ok [2 fries], I'll be your mentor now......
wagster, Feb 12 2010

       I don't know if i want to take this place seriously or not, but does there really always have to be a division between work and play, as 'twere? Little dribs of info eventually add up to a lot, inaccurate though they might be, but this place accords well with self-directed learning in the sense that rather than following a curriculum, you follow your interest and are therefore more motivated and engaged than you would be otherwise, which means you cover more ground. Learning can be a slog, and the information from here may not be reliable. That's probably a trade-off.   

       The thing is, if you see information in a particular field, a formal academic course tries to cover a contiguous area. That doesn't happen here, but the area we cover is large, with fractal rather than rectilinear edges. The other issue is, how reliable is what we learn from here?
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       I just think you are wonderful, [19thly]
blissmiss, Feb 12 2010

       Thanks, [blissmiss], you're not so bad yourself. At least you're still here, even if [UB]'s not.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       //Learning can be a slog, and the information from here may not be reliable. That's probably a trade-off.//   

       I think that probably holds true for the internet as a whole. Whenever I try to learn something new, I generally start with the internet. If it holds my interest I then have to move on to books (sort of cube-shaped things made out of 'paper' - imagine lots of very thin screens all stacked up - your mum can tell you about them) which are harder work but generally more reliable and in-depth.
wagster, Feb 12 2010

       Actually the main problem for me with learning stuff off the internet is the fact that so many papers have to be paid for to access.   

       I tend to go to books first, but it isn't always a case of either/or, because there are plenty of those on the internet, for example the Voynich Manuscript is online.   

       There's also the possibility that one might gain knowledge from practical experience.   

       I still think the HB is special.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       //seriously or not//

       //how reliable is what we learn from here?//
Very - and not at all.

       That's one of the great things about the 'bakery. By existing along the lines of feasible and screwball or infeasible in an interesting way (plus/minus random funny/practical/stupid ideas) you can get some discussions around very technical and engaging matter. It also helps that there are quite a few smart cookies around here.
Jinbish, Feb 12 2010

       I'd third it. How do you sort the wheat from the chaff though?
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       I've got an idea in the works that doesn't quite involve nanotech, as it happens.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       Thanks [wagster], I'll do my best to keep up.   

       Undoubtedly books are a better learning tool than the hb, but without dipping your toe into topics here how can you know what books are worth bothering to dive into?   

       There is something about information being presented in the form of a discussion where all sides are examined and refuted that makes learning the material feel more natural, even if the information may not be entirely accurate.
Before schools this would have been the way all learning was done, by listening to stories and staying out from underfoot as your elders argued amongst themselves. It makes it possible to more easily think freely about a subject and form opinions that are ones own.

       One of these days I'm going to get to finish my education. If I do well, it will be in no small part due to this place being the ultimate primer.   

       Where else on the internet, or in real life for that matter, can you find any conceivable topic disected and have milk squirt out of your nose at the same time?   

       Well, the people who are here are in fact here, but they could be elsewhere. I haven't generally had the kind of conversation that goes on here elsewhere until recently, but in the past few months i have been able to do so in other places on the internet. Having said that, it's the people that make up this place to some extent. I'm also very keen on the relative minimalism, which maybe attracts a certain clientele too.   

       I also have to say that the peripatetic approach to education still exists without the formal education system.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       peripatetic - kinda wandering wondering...
po, Feb 12 2010

       See what I mean?
I didn't even know that there was a word for it.

       We're all pacing up and down in a room without a pillar in the middle.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       UB was that pillar. He held up the roof, and if you ran into him, well, he wasn't going to move much. I learned much from him, about myself mostly.   

       I second 2 fries.   

       I find it's in that place 'between lunch and something drab' where I can play, and play is serious business.
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2010

       It's turtles all the way down. [link]
csea, Feb 12 2010

       I'm looking forward to becoming "The Artist Formerly Unknown as ..."
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2010

       I feel a grope coming on...no, no, I meant group hug coming on. What an amazing decade, (almost), I have been able to be a part of here. I wouldn't change a thing. Even the coming and goings, the real relationships, and the unbelievably long friendships I have encountered here. Some up, sometimes not so up, but always a learning place and entertaining as well (2frys wrote about that so eloquently).   

       Always bearing in mind it is jutta's to pull the plug on, one day or not.   

       Having met her now, I admire the site, and her unwavering support of it even more so than the day I finally stopped lurking. (Atleast 6 or 7 months of that, I think.).   

       I'd be lost without a place to spin around in. I mean a fairly safe haven to spin around in, if that makes sense.
blissmiss, Feb 12 2010

       So there _is_ a pillar? And presumably also a snake, a wall, a large leaf and so forth.   

       [Blissmiss], should [Jutta] ever choose to do that, people still have each others' email addresses, are contacts on social networking sites and even, shock, horror, in real life. We could cobble something together like the Fakebakery, and once we'd done that, we'd probably gain a deeper appreciation of how much she's doing for us now.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       It's a race against time for Google Wave then. Should we maybe try it out with an idea sometime?
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       yeah right - I hate facebook, blissy has problems with xply and you don't *get* twitter... hb has a certain glue quality.
po, Feb 12 2010

       That's true. I wasn't suggesting the actual use of that lot, just a post-apocalyptic reassembly of ex-'bakers via such places. We can contact each other in different ways, and if the worst happened we could get quite a few of us together to start something new, not actually on those places as such, but if it did happen, Google Wave could be part of it.
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2010

       "Einstein with a whoopie cushion." best darn description of the Halfbakery I have heard in a long time.*** bravo***
dentworth, Feb 12 2010

       In reference to the possible resurrection of [UB], I don't know, one way or another. I can say that I miss [UB]. Both his ideas and his annos. And if this is him, I would say: Quit fucking around and stick with one account.
MikeD, Feb 13 2010

       It looks more like twitter than facebook, I think.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2010

       //this is him//?
po, Feb 13 2010

       [Blissmiss], do you mean the HB looks like Twitter, or Buzz?   

       I don't know about Buzz, but i do know that the quality of a product isn't necessarily connected to how successful it is. Betamax, for example, is often claimed to be better than VHS, which is maybe dubious, but certainly ease of use, picture quality, better features on Betamax VCRs than VHS ones and the like didn't contribute to the success of the latter. I don't know what did. Concerning software, i'm pretty sure Word Perfect was better than Word, for example, IE is just awful compared to pretty much any other well-known browser, and so on. So if Buzz is better than Google Wave, that's not necessarily going to contribute to its success. Chrome is less popular than IE.   

       [MikeD], if you really have as much time to waste as i have, you could analyse different users' annotations and ideas cryptographically and find out if anyone is particularly similar to [UB]. I hear that the ratio between sentence length and verbs is often quite distinctive and the compressibility of text is, i think, distinctive to particular writers. So i hear, anyway.
nineteenthly, Feb 13 2010

       Yes, everything that ever happens in history is driven by sex.
nineteenthly, Feb 13 2010

       I think Wave looks and operates more like Twitter. Fast updates from all your devices. Where as I, and I may stand alone on this, think Facebook is more geared towards finding people/places you have lost contact with, and sharing current photos. I've never spoken with old high school buddies on twitter and then exchanged photos of our kids. It, to me, is more "this moment of this dayish'? If that makes any sense at all.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2010

       Einstein with a whoopie cushion for a brain, maybe.
rcarty, Feb 13 2010

       So, [rcarty], are you saying that Einsteins brain had crucially inflatable ventricles?   

       [Blissmiss], one of my uses of FB right now, as you're probably aware, is to rant endlessly about the CSF Bill, organise against it and do HE stuff in Leicester while providing the government with evidence against their allegations in a public forum, but also to maintain contact with you, other 'Bakers and that bloke who lives in Australia, what's his name now?
nineteenthly, Feb 13 2010

       ...our missing Brother Brethren...
blissmiss, Feb 13 2010

       Ooh, [blissmiss], you've just reminded me of another idea.
nineteenthly, Feb 13 2010

       Who or what is CSF Bill? Is it anything like CSI Miami? Googling tells me it's being debated and fisked (whatever fisking is); Wikipedia just insists it's cerebro-spinal fluid.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2010

       OK, [MB]. Children, Schools and Families Bill, as in DCSF, the new name of the appropriate bit of the Department for Education. Nothing to do with meninges as such.
nineteenthly, Feb 13 2010

       Ah - you mean the Department for Cutting Social Funding! Now it's all clear.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2010

       //if you really have as much time to waste as i have//   

       Sadly: Yes.   

       More Sadly: I will most likely spend it on even less fruitful ventures than those mentioned.
MikeD, Feb 14 2010

       [MikeD], not sure about that. I might want to data-mine the HB but that's just my intellectual masturbation really. It would serve no useful purpose, though it could.   

       [MB], would that they did spend less money! What they actually seem to do is divert money to less useful stuff.
nineteenthly, Feb 14 2010

       Just found a great link for an old idea. After searching fruitlessly, I remembered the idea was by UnaBubba.   

       Damn it.   

       If someone does know that UnaBubba is still here and also knows who he is, please tell him MikeD says he's a fucktard for deleting his account.   

       (Not said angrily. Just said.)
MikeD, Feb 26 2010

       He may have read it himself, [MikeD].
nineteenthly, Feb 26 2010

       Didn't [Unabubba] disappear once before only to come back as [a Farrago of calumnies] before finally having his account restored? That may just be my imagination or rusty memory.

       I also seem to remember him talking about burning the entire halfbakery to disk at one stage - probably after the big crash, in which case the missing annos and ideas are still in existence albeit in a desk drawer somewhere. Either way, to me it's all part of the organic development of the halfbakery. I kind of like the way old ideas fade to swiss cheese, in the same way that memories of real events fade away over time.
stupop, Feb 26 2010

       Well, if he has burnt it to disc we don't know when, and we don't know how many would be missing. However, it is possible that someone else went on the WayBack machine when they realised what was going on and did a bit of work, as with the Crash.   

       Yes, he did go away and come back before but he didn't delete everything the time i remember him doing that.   

       My real regret with this is that the Swiss cheese effect will have influenced any conversations he had with [bristolz].
nineteenthly, Feb 26 2010

       I would like to say that I for one do not have an UnaBubba fetish...
xandram, Feb 26 2010

       //an UnaBubba// a Unabubba? an? a? ?
pocmloc, Feb 26 2010

       A - it starts with an unwritten "h".
nineteenthly, Feb 26 2010

       I would like to re-title this as "The Arsehole formerly known as UB" He took his ball back like a spoiled child having a tantrum. [marked-for-deletion] reason - devoid of an idea, unless I'm missing something.
xenzag, Feb 26 2010

       The discussion and the idea have diverged somewhat here. The "idea" is a song parody, whereof there are plenty on here. The shift in the annos towards talking about his departure only happened years later, and it's not the OP's fault that happened, so it's not fair to call for deletion.   

       Concerning [UB], attributing reasons in the absence of evidence is more a source of superstition than rationality, so i don't think we can assume or conclude much concerning motives.   

       He does clearly enjoy yanking people's chains.
nineteenthly, Feb 27 2010

       I shared an account here with him back in the day; after some crash or other he reposted the ideas I'd come up with as his and not even a credit. That didn't impress me, he didn't even write in my style.
Nelipot, Mar 08 2010

       So you're him? (how can you "share an account") Explain more.
xenzag, Mar 08 2010

       I have to say that made me curious too, but who's to say what was going on before whenever it was i found this place? Other than other people, of course.
nineteenthly, Mar 08 2010

       // like watching Einstein with a whoopie cushion // [marked-for-tagline]   

       // the area we cover is large, with fractal rather than rectilinear edges. // [nineteenthly] et al: this post of yours, and the conversation that follows, fills my heart with gladness and rejoicing. It's the best two-paragraph summation of the Joy of Halfbaking I have read to date. I love you all, and I would miss you all should this corner of the world wink out of existence. Bless all your little cotton socks.   

       [UnaBubba]: come back! Your curmudgeonly ways were the sauerkraut that made this borscht complete.   

       // The other issue is, how reliable is what we learn from here? // Ah, this is part of the wisdom of the 'bakers Way: how reliable is what we learn from anywhere, without independent verification? How reliable is your understanding of biology and geology, for example, if your weighty, pressed-tree-pulp source is only available in Arkansas or Texas?   

       In the end, it's not the facts we learn here that make a difference, but the method.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 19 2010

       /come back!// Not a sentiment shared by me.
xenzag, Mar 19 2010

       It's nice to plant seeds without knowing what's going to spring up while you're away, and without much skill either, but thanks anyway.
nineteenthly, Mar 19 2010

       "And they'll still talk about him when he's gone."   

       Some rather "enlightening" comments on this thread.
UnaBubba, May 24 2012

       //He does clearly enjoy yanking people's chains.//   

       I want to be <rips off jacket to reveal a checked shirt> a BellRinger!   

       Leaping from rope to rope!
Pealing every combination on a Sunday morning!
With my best girl by my side!
Jingle bells!
Liberty bell!
Mighty Big Ben!
We'd Ring! Ring! Ring!

       Oh, I'm a bellringer, and I'm okay,
I sleep all night and I work all day.

       CHORUS: He's a bellringer, and he's okay,
He sleeps all night and he works all day.

       I ring the bells, I stop the bus,
I flush the lava-try.
I turn the bathroom light off
And pull crackers with my tea.
Loris, May 24 2012

       //       "And they'll still talk about him when he's gone."    //   

       We did. "What UnaBubba said" has become kind of a catchphrase for surreptitiously illuminating what's gone unspoken in a discussion.
Alterother, May 24 2012

       Hey, [Ubba]: MikeD says you're a fucktard for deleting your account (but not angrily—he's just saying.)   

       Personally, after reading his "I'm back—for now" speech I resolved to make sure to quote any part of any annotation of his I reference or respond to, just for the sake of preserving continuity.
ytk, May 24 2012

       I, for one, am just glad and relieved that Bubba is back. It was far too quiet without him.
blissmiss, May 24 2012

       So this isn't an idea then?
Phrontistery, May 24 2012

       Much of the stuff posted in the "Halfbakery" category isn't. See the help page for details.
ytk, May 24 2012

       There was nothing I said in annotations that would change your life, [ytk]. Seriously, I know, because I said it.
UnaBubba, May 24 2012

       Nice work, [xenzag].   

       Are you sure there's nothing you want to say to me personally, now that I'm back and you're not shouting after my shadow?
UnaBubba, May 25 2012

       There's plenty of sugar on this page, seems to me that a little salt does no harm. After all, the last post was 2 years ago.
Phrontistery, May 25 2012

       Salt not so good in wounds though.
blissmiss, May 25 2012

       That's true if there are wounds but if there are wounds, maybe this page should have stayed in 2010?
Phrontistery, May 25 2012

       This seems like haunting your own wake in some fashion.
RayfordSteele, May 25 2012

       ...or waking your old haunt...   

       What !?
I can't help it!

       [ub] //Are you sure there's nothing you want to say to me personally// I think you overestimate your significance.   

       I only come to the halfbakery to enjoy some discourse over ideas etc, and not to participate in slanging matches or be subject to the constant drip of abuse, whenever I make any postings or annotations. It's a form of bullying, which diminishes everyone's enjoyment of this site.   

       Could you please stick to commenting on ideas and desist from making personal comments about me? Perhaps you'd prefer me to stop posting anything at all?
xenzag, May 26 2012

       //Could you please stick to commenting on ideas and desist from making personal comments//. That goes both ways [xenzag].   

       The rest of us are getting bored with this, so lets just say that you and [UB] each got in the last word and we are now all going to get on with the real purpose of the Bakery.
AusCan531, May 26 2012

       I remember a few years ago. I was driving down the road thinking about a fresh idea I had just halfbaked. I was so happy with the creativity, I proceeded a fantasy where all halfbakers get paid for their frivolities. We just sit around and make funny connective ideas and spend the whole day doing it...   

       I also remember slapping myself in the face for that stupid idea.
daseva, May 26 2012

       Don't blame your lovely fantasy [daseva], blame reality.
AusCan531, May 26 2012

       // The rest of us are getting bored with this //   

       Speak for yourself, I'm quite enjoying it.
tatterdemalion, May 26 2012

       Excellent song, [Loris]. Except for the //checked shirt//. Perhaps something more arcane such as a ULSCR hoodie?
pocmloc, May 26 2012

       //Excellent song, [Loris]. Except for the //checked shirt//. Perhaps something more arcane such as a ULSCR hoodie?//   

       Thanks, although I can't take the credit - I'm afraid it's a poor derivative of a fairly well-known sketch. The checked shirt bled through from the the original. Maybe rags and a hunch?
Loris, Jun 02 2012


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