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The Exemplary Half-baked Ideas

Response to challenge from [dbmag9] (see [link])
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The Exemplary Half-baked Ideas
(with Apologies to nearly everyone, especially Tom Lehrer and Gilbert and Sullivan)

Forthwith, Ideas in scansion sweet, presented in trochaic feet,
And if your thought is not complete, or doesn't scan, you can't compete!
Give me a break, if it's half-baked,
Would they have been making a cake?
But please, don't shake, for goodness sake,
What we all want, one hot Croissant!

There's Panic PIN and Tails For All, Hullaballoon and Cream Cheese Rings,
And Film Noir Home, Custard Speed Bumps, Road Cones Flocking, so many things!
Collision Song, 8F Guestbook, Connecting Coins and Two Cats Mad,
And Super Secret Hiding Place, and stuff (when stolen) that gets sad!

There's also Toy that Runs and Hides, Fake Elbow and the great Gel Keys,
Ideas o'erflown with bun, no bones, end up as fine Halfbakeries!
And Nightshift Towers, Double Helix Escalators, if you please,
Confide in Cola, Pedagotchi, and Poetic Legalese!

Behold the bold! And then please thank it,
Mechanic's Dirty Cheating Blanket.
And If you're not within "top ten," you've got to try just one more time,
So make it simple, when it rhymes, like Hippo's Silent Dodgy Chimes!

There's Puzzle Prison, Bread and Butter Vendors, Google Minus Button,
Frightened Mother's Weekly, Anti-Gawker shield, and Circus Cannon.
Office cats and Ball Dogs, Bottle Tree, and not least, barefoot climbing
Antivertising, Kill your TV, Crime Scene Rug, and Burger Tim(ing)!

CFDU, I can 'sea' U, beyond the bones and Grates of Hell,
Continue to Hold, Where Knights Are Bold, Godopoly, we're doing well,
Douglas Adams Mausoleum, Moral Job-type indication,
Naked women, naughty monkeys, Superhero Registration!

These are the bunnest ideas of which the news has come to Jutta,
And there may be many others, but the rest are useless clutta!

csea, Jan 23 2006

[dbmag9]'s challenge Jan 20 2006 The_20Modern_20British_20Halfbaker
Using the Top (n) list [csea, Jan 23 2006]

(??) Top Ten http://www.halfbakery.com/view/best
Ten-ish anyone? [csea, Jan 24 2006]


       Nice. You'll be posting a link to this being performed by FWI?
half, Jan 23 2006

       Watch the website for an update (might take a while!)
csea, Jan 23 2006

       Will do. In the meantime, I'll just have to find the CD I have and pop it into my drive here to get a fix. "Big and Stupid" is always worth a listen. :-)
half, Jan 23 2006

       Isn't that interesting?
moomintroll, Jan 23 2006


       I resent that. I am not all that
half, Jan 23 2006

       {is inspired to post a halfbakery-idea-name rhyming dictionary idea, but thinks better of it}
half, Jan 23 2006

       //and the great Gel Keys,//   

       Yay! :)   

DesertFox, Jan 23 2006


       Wow. You did it! And I didn't even notice until a day later! It's amazing! And it came out well! Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic! Exemplary! Wonderful! Super! Supercalifragilis ticexpialidocious! Great!   

       Thank you very much. I didn't even think of doing this with idea titles (I assumed it would be done, if at all, with 'bakers' names).   

       Warm, toasty, bun.
dbmag9, Jan 24 2006

       [csea] put one of my ideas in a song!   

       Warm, toasty, feeling.   

       Wow and they're ranked too! I'm in the top 50! Now I just have to crack the top ten... <sucks pencil, strokes cat, cackles>
wagster, Jan 24 2006

       Great start! Now, post a link to each idea that you've used in your song.
ato_de, Jan 24 2006

       I feel that, as the inspiration for this song, I should say that it should probably be in the Halfbakery:Songs N-Z category.   

       But it is still brilliant.
dbmag9, Jan 29 2006


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