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The Big Party Party

Political party dedicated to the advancement of holidays.
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The Big Party Party would be a political party that advocates time off from work and other drudgery. Our goals would be twofold: To defend existing holidays against the machinations of buisness-owners, and to promote the creation of new ones. Our ULTIMATE objective would be the creation of robotic servants, so that we can have holidays every day.
Madcat, Apr 23 2003


       And how would this differ from the average frat house?
DrCurry, Apr 23 2003

       Jeremy Paxman would tear you apart on Newsnight. You can't win an election on a single issue, bub. But I'll vote for you :)
sambwiches, Apr 23 2003

       You couldn't take the White House, but you'd sweep the Student Council of every high school in the nation.   

       Croissant, dude! Parrr-teeee! Woooooooo!
1percent, Apr 23 2003


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