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The Stay at Home Party

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Seeing as the House of Wotsits is about to renovated for [insert large amount of money] why not just let the politicos go home and stay there?

We can flog the House to the Chinese for luxury flats, und der [insert large amount of money] could go to the NHS.

I can't help feeling that GCHQ could come up with something Skype-ish but with security...

The politicos can enjoy a home life, and not have to worry about filling in those London expenses claims forms, as they ain't getting any more.

not_morrison_rm, Feb 18 2018


       They could even be replaced by robots (not AI).
Ian Tindale, Feb 18 2018

       // why not just let the politicos go home and stay there? //   

       Because it's handier to have them all in the one place. If they go home, you have to deal with them one at a time. If they're all shut up in one building, all you need is to throw in a few thermite grenades, and when they come scurrying out a few decent chaps with Vickers guns can mow them down in heaps as they try to escape. The ones that don't run, burn - a win-win situation; like the Reichstag fire, but in a good way.   

       Does that answer your question ?
8th of 7, Feb 18 2018

       It didn’t work 400+ years ago – they saw Guido standing there in front of the barrels of gunpowder.
Ian Tindale, Feb 19 2018

       He was inside, that was his mistake. Burn 'em out, gun 'em down.
8th of 7, Feb 19 2018


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