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Tribute Political Party

We have tribute rock bands. Why not tribute political parties?
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If I'd had less than the couple of years I have to wait before trying this out in a UK general election, I'd keep it to myself and actually do it. But I haven't, so:

Use the tribute band format; create a cabinet simulating that of the party you wish to pay tribute to, use their names with slight alterations (eg. 'Phoney Blair'), replay their greatest speeches and photo-opportunties (eg. hang out at the Women's Institute), use their catchphrases (eg. 'Education, education, education', 'Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' etc.) and put your cabinet/gang up for election in as many constituencies as you can afford.

I'm not yet sure of the net result or aim, but the press would love it, you all get 15mins. fame, and - what a wheeze!

Ventilator, Apr 09 2003


       Didn't New Labour already do something similar to this?
-alx, Apr 09 2003

       I dont know of any old forgotten parties but maybe the Oliver Cromwellists could be a good comeback or maybe the Julius Cesarians could rise back in power and remember the good old (old old) days.
garibake, Apr 24 2003


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