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Web-linked billboard

LCD billboard displays web page
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Online advertising space could be purchased from a billboard company which would then display the page on a billboard. The company would have the option of allowing the customer to update information, keeping the public apprised of promotions, specials, etc. in real time. Initial expense would be much higher, but much of that would be recovered over time by the fact that billboard updates would no longer involve printing, distribution, and application of new advertising material.
hubby2debbie, Jan 20 2006


       It's happening soon. ...and the hackers can't wait! Mondo Grosso Grafitti..er...dude. Next time you're driving down the I58, check out Pamela and Tommy Lee on that big billboard just past the turnpike!
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 21 2006

       I'm all for it.... When is Pamela gonna be on the billboard?
Dumb But Tough, Jan 22 2006

       *Techie with large glasses looks up from tangle of wires*   

       "Just give me 10 more minutes..."
Germanicus, Jan 22 2006

       It won't take long. We already have 5m wide led screens running video adverts in train stations. Adding remote management and the ability to upload videos is so simple I could probably do it. In fact I have no way of knowing whether the screens are powered by servers with remote access or local dvd players.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       This is already a reality except it's not a webpage. It's a large billboard LED display that is updated from a network.
painperdu, Jul 15 2011


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