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The Body of Chrisp

aka Born Again Crispy
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Walkers Crisps have been running a competition to select a new flavour. They rejected my best idea.... I called it "The Body of Chrisp"

Every packet of The Body of Chrisp crisps contains a single face of Jesus crisp. This stops you from mindlessly stuffing yourself with handfulls of them, apart from anything else.

You can save them up, feed them to the pigeons (my choice) or crunch them down with a thimble full of wine, each time you find one.

edit note: Crisps are known as potato chips in some of the colonies.

xenzag, Mar 06 2009

Chrisps! https://sodabred.tu...ts-a-halfbaked-idea
now vatican approved [xenzag, Feb 17 2012, last modified Apr 22 2018]

Gourmet communion Gourmet_20communion
Perfect pre-service nibbles [8th of 7, Feb 19 2012]

Turin Shroud Tea Towel Turin_20Shroud_20Tea_20Towel
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       Excellent Idea   

       I would love to see the catholic church replace the host with a Chrisp.
vfrackis, Mar 06 2009

       Yay! Maybe the other chrisps in the packet could be manna- and-ketchup flavour?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2009

We all charisp for Eucharisp.

       Walkers is here. I know someone who used to be a flavour technologist there.   

       Yes, that's fantastic but not a flavour. Another possibility, possibly rather less popular here in Leicester, would be crisps with Allah written on them in Arabic script. Fish are apparently another matter.   

       I was actually thinking coriander and cucumber raita, but i didn't mention it to them.
nineteenthly, Mar 07 2009

       Now with illustration..... see link.
xenzag, Feb 17 2012

       Awesome illustration!
phundug, Feb 17 2012

       Wonder how many Governor Chris Christie would eat in a sitting, and how many it would take to do a 1:1 image of his body?
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2012

       //flavour technologist// Read that as flavour theologist.   

       From the Friar to the Tuck shop.
spidermother, Feb 17 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2012

       this is a good idea
JesusHChrist, Feb 19 2012

       Well, you would say that. Everyone likes free publicity.
Alterother, Feb 19 2012

       You need Shroud-Of-Turin paper napkins to stop the crumbs going on the floor (or perhaps ascending to Heaven).
8th of 7, Feb 19 2012

       //Shroud-Of-Turin// sp. Shroud o' Turin.
mouseposture, Feb 19 2012

       + for the ilustration
simonj, Feb 22 2012

       Just transferred illustration to Tumblr..... Vatican in hot pursuit.
xenzag, Apr 22 2018


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