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underwater potato chip

crispy when wet
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How many times have you gotten the munchies while snorkelling? It happens to me all the time....

Great clouds of multicolored, oddly shaped fish are darting over the reef. The reef itself is an amazing forest of corals -- brain corals, fan corals, those antlery pink ones, all kinds. And banks of anemones cascade into the deeps, their tentacles rippling with the ever-changing currents. I can't take my eyes off it.

But I'm ravenously hungry! I'll be damned if I'll go back to shore for a sandwich -- I'm here in the tropics for a bare week before I have to jet back to the hostile frozen wasteland that is The North in February. I have to make the most of my time here.

Modern food technology has progressed to such sophistication that it must be possible to produce a potato chip that stays crispy and tasty underwater and still retains a minute quantity of food value to satisfy my cravings in this situation. Some kind of genetically modified potato/corn/balsa wood hybrid maybe. Yes, that should do it. At last!

dogzilla, Jul 24 2004


       Eat one of the fish, for goodness' sake.   

       P.S. Having watched a woman hilariously come to grief after tucking half a bagel into her swim top while snorkelling, I don't think you'll have quite the gourmet experience you're after when you take these chips underwater. More of a fishy mob scene.
DrCurry, Jul 24 2004

       If you coat a chip with paraffin and eat it all in one bite, maybe. Probably would want to flavor the paraffin though.
half, Jul 24 2004

       Why dont you eat so many potato chips before you go snorkelling that you get so friggin obese that you cant get into your wet suit.
tasman, Jul 24 2004

       [tasman], both that and eating while snorkeling leave you with the problem of having a lot of recently ingested food in your stomach while engaging in vaguely vigorous activity while horizontal.   

       I tried taking a Power Bar with me while on an extended snorkling afternoon. This led to Power Barfing.   

       I recommend easily digested foods, such as fruit, or maybe juices. Sooner or later you just gotta get out of the water and eat, though.
normzone, Jul 24 2004

       bwv1: my understanding is that even if all the ice caps melt, the sea level will only rise 60' (based on high tide marks in previous interglacial periods). So just don't live downtown.   

       P.S. My wife specializes in Carnegie Hill, where you'd be safe even if the sea levels rose 60 meters. You want a brownstone, give her a call!
DrCurry, Jul 25 2004

       I think this underwater potato chip is a bad solution. Even if this was possible, the operation of eating underwater must be so unconfortable that it hardly justifies effort of developing such a chip. Why not carry a huge helmet that you would fill with air and would have room to keep the potatoes off the water. This way you could eat normally while breathing. Maybe an underwater inflatable tent...or why not some underwater snackbars? Oh, oh, I'm posting this!
PauloSargaco, Jul 27 2004

       Yes, I'm with [PauloSargaco] on this. You would no doubt end up swallowing a huge amount of water while trying to eat underwater. Plus, your salsa would have a tendency to dissipate… although I suppose that if you brought enough salsa into the water with you, then you could simply end up swallowing a huge amount of salsa while eating, which would taste better than salt water, but would also have a whole boat-full of other associated problems.
luecke, Jul 27 2004

       If you eat underwater, do you have to wait 30 minutes before going back to land?
veryvermilion, Jul 27 2004

       The crisp dust idea that was posted before, is clearly the answer to this problem. It can be added to the air in one's scuba tank. Voila! Breathe and eat at the same time, while admiring the fish...
peterj, Mar 04 2005

       Well, at least you wouldn't have to salt them.
Tabbyclaw, Mar 28 2005

       Taske a couple of power gel's with you. They're a horrid gel-like sludge of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and sometimes caffeine. They are used by long range bike riders, etc anywhere that endurance sports are catered for. Good bike shops (that stock good X-C bike gear) should sell 'em. They come in a small foil-like satchel, which you rip the top off and squeeze the gel out of. The gel doesn't seem to be all that water-soluble. So I reckon you could rip the top off and suck the gel out underwater with minimum salt-water contamination.   

       They're pretty good medicine in terms of energy and electrolytes, <and the caffeine helps>, but I suppose they don't really satisfy hunger (a serve is ~2 ounces). Cost maybe 1-3 bucks each.   

       Anyhoo, try 'em.
Custardguts, Jun 13 2007


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