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Uncrisp Crisp

A truely halfbaked idea.
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Crisps, umm loverly.

But think of the damage that cooking all those potatoes is doing to the environment.

The crisp does not have to be rock hard to be sufficiently cooked, thus saving energy, but what about that satisfying "crunch".

Well by applying the latest loudspeaker technology [link] to each individual crisp you can half the cooking energy requirement and still have that crisp "crunch" sound.

International Language Ready Reckoner advises: English word 'Crisp' = A’mercan word 'Potato Chip'

eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 02 2009

The Future of Sound http://www.warwickaudiotech.com/
The sound of the future - phhhaarrrrrrp? [eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 02 2009]


       You might consider moving the sound technology to the bag in order cut costs. However doing so means you would have to relocate the mastication monitoring means as well.
Aristotle, Apr 02 2009

       *crisp* is a texture that cannot be reproduced by sound. sorry [-]
xandram, Apr 02 2009

       Actually three-quarters baked. I attended the talk of a UK researcher who had investigated the influence of the cracking sound on the perception of crispiness - he sat people in a soundproof chamber and let them eat chips, recording the crunching sound, running it through a mixer and playing it back in real time. The participants rated the (absolutely identical) chips as much crispier, with the right audio-filters. He had done that research for a chips manufacturer that wanted to 'tune' the physical properties of the chips so the crumbling of the chip would emit the crispiest sound possible.
loonquawl, Apr 02 2009

       I thought the notion of a "crisp" was really nothing more than the platform for a philosophical discussion about the origin of man.
blissmiss, Apr 02 2009

       Wait, do you *eat* the loudspeaker? or is there a machine in your living room that detects when you take a bite?   

       This reminds me of the "click" sound Microsoft added to Internet Explorer, that plays whenever you click the mouse on a link. So now we can have silent mice and hear the click anyway. Not very satisfying.
phundug, Apr 02 2009


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