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The Buddha of Ultimate Concentration

statue of Buddha that demands unflinching concentration
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The Buddha of Ultimate Concentration is like every other statue of Buddha in initial appearance. He sits serenely in a special place in your home with his eyes cast down, but if you look at him carefully you will see that he has one important feature that no other similar effigy possess. This Buddha has eyes that can blink, because hidden inside his head is a simple mechanism, connected to a randomising processor. The processor can be set from minimum, through moderate, to maximum levels of concentration.

Once set, all that you need do is to stare at your Buddha's inscrutably perfect visage, in a state of perfectly mindful concentration, watching and waiting for him to blink. Blinking is a very rapid and rare event, so your concentration must be total and complete.

About once a year your Buddha of Ultimate Concentration will blink twice in succession, and some special editions have also been programmed to wink one eye at a time.

xenzag, Jan 01 2007

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       Hey, did Buddha wink at me?
xandram, Jan 02 2007

       Well, since this would be the direct opposite of the Buddhist idea of meditation, where you have to concentrate on the meditation, and not concentrate on external images, and turns the whole thing upside down, I have no other choice but to bun this idea for the innovation.   

       Just remember the saying, "A watched Buddha never blinks".
Veho, Jan 02 2007

       Don't blink, you'll miss it!
esperance, Jan 02 2007

       There is no eye.
imaginality, Jan 02 2007

       (sits, staring into Buddha's eyes, trying to determine whether [21Quest] is a believer, which will then determine whether this is a great idea)
lurch, Jan 02 2007

       you forgot your bone [bigsleep] - here, I'll throw it for you to fetch wheeeee............ ....... /
xenzag, Jan 02 2007

       thanks ;-)
xenzag, Jan 02 2007


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