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The Camping Glencairn

A Glencairn glass that stands up to life!
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I like to go camping. I also like to drink whisky. I like to drink whisky with my buddies while I'm camping. And I like to drink it from a nosing glass, because otherwise, it's a waste of however many years it took for it to develop those tantilising nuances.

It's impossible to take a set of Glencairn glasses on a camping trip. You're likely to end up with a handful of expensive crushed glass fragments if you try it. So, what's needed is a camping Glencairn. It'll either be constructed out of some sort of heavy-duty shatter-proof glass (Pryrex, maybe) or (though I shudder to contemplate it) a plastic compound. It doesn't really matter what it's made of, as long as it has the necessary weight in the hand, and also the shape which allows proper nosing.

DeniqueCoelum, Dec 05 2012

Copas de pyrex para comer http://www.gastrono...ustacion_pyrex1.jpg
Apparently the haute cuisine folks were serving food samples in wine-tasting cups, and things got weird. [baconbrain, Dec 06 2012]


       Since you're “roughing it” anyway, just switch to Canadian whisky next trip. That way, you can just drink it the way it was intended—straight from the bottle, with a tinge of regret over the poor choices you've made in life that have led you to where you now find yourself.
ytk, Dec 06 2012

       Well, if it's weight in the hand you are after, look up "Pyrex Measuring Jug". The taper isn't right, and there's a handle, but I used one as a resin pot while working fiberglass, and the bugger was hella sturdy.   

       "Pyrex conical beaker" came up light and small. But lab equipment is sturdy.   

       I found "pyrex copa", which is lightweight stemware, but seems to stand up to fire.   

       Otherwise, plastic brandy snifters.   

       I'd make a padded container for your present glasses, somehow.
baconbrain, Dec 06 2012

       I had never heard of a Glencairn glass before. I guess I am a bit simple.
Kansan101, Dec 06 2012

       I googled the image of them - it reminds me of an old oil lamp.   

       I have a Pelican case that I have made two sets of foam inserts for .   

       One of them holds four rocks glasses, a bottle of tequila, and two limes. The other holds two growlers.   

       I still need to acquire a handcuff to attach the handle to my wrist and a big guy in a suit and earphone to accompany me.
normzone, Dec 06 2012

       There are companies that make custom Pyrex ....
baconbrain, Dec 07 2012


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