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Staff of Life

aka Survival Kit Inna Stick
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This is for day hikers who don't wish an accidental overnight hike to become an accidental rest-of-your-life hike, but who don't like to carry a pack with significant gear. It's basically a hollow hiking stick, probably made of fiberglass, which unscrews into sections containing various potentially vital items.

The largest section contains a space blanket or vacuum-packed bivvy bag, rolled up skinny and long. Atop this are a canister of water purification tablets, a skinny roll of extra-strong twine, flint and steel, a knife, and a bright LED flashlight. Also included are a section of flexible mylar mirror and a pocket guide to finding food in the wilderness, rolled up inside a section that doubles as a flask. Sorry, food will have to be carried separately. (But you can always find it in the wilderness, right?)

Deluxe version comes with GPS device and radio beacon.

gisho, Feb 28 2007


       A compass in the handle?
methinksnot, Feb 28 2007

       What the heck, why not. Compass in the handle, to go with the flashlight.
gisho, Feb 28 2007

       Bunorama, baby.
methinksnot, Feb 28 2007

       How about printing the pocket guide on toilet paper?
placid_turmoil, Feb 28 2007

       Yeah...I've never liked carrying a walking stick, but I can appreciate this.
monk, Mar 01 2007

       Seems a little risky to put all your eggs in one basket, especially one that could be dropped in a crevasse, a fast moving river, off the side of a mountain, etc. Maybe it should have a wrist strap? How about making it collapsable with a belt loop so it won't get in the way when you need both hands to climb?   

       I prefer individual tools and good pockets with buttons, and I'll use my knife to cut a walking stick of necessary.
nuclear hobo, Mar 01 2007

       + cool and practical
xandram, Mar 01 2007

       Hate to burst your bubble and I'm not too sure about the GPS bit but survival staffs are baked.   

       Search for survival spear here at the HB.   

       Interesting, [2 Fries]. Not quite the same thing - it looks that one is more focused on weaponry. Nifty idea, though.   

       [nuclear hobo], I've never seen a hiking stick without a wrist strap. I would assume this one would include such. Collabsible is intruiging, but really, you'll need the whole volume.
gisho, Mar 01 2007

       Could it carry a short length of rope to escape from any situation using the Indian Rope Trick - a particular favourite of mine? - say "yes" and win this tantalising croissant, held captive in double brackets [[+]]
xenzag, Mar 01 2007


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