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The Chandelier of Skulls

A cheery little reminder of your loved ones.
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Many people are so attached to their deceased loved ones that they keep the ashes. Why not go one step further and get several forward-thinking members of your family and all agree to, once you are dead, your flesh be removed and your now de-fleshed bones become part of a ornate chandelier? This could be kept in the attic, or proudly displayed in your front living room.

Of course, for the more conservative, you could just keep the skull and stick a candle on it for display upon the mantlepiece.

The company will collect your body, de-flesh it, and turn the bones into ornaments of your choice (like a chandelier, if you and a bunch of rellies want to).

Inspired by Kostnice Ossuary, Prague, who have fine examples of skeleton chandeliers. (linky)

froglet, Dec 02 2005

Kostnice Ossuary, Prague http://www.artgraph...ora-bone-church.htm
A charming church that I visited a few years ago. An aquired taste, but lovely for the more broad-minded. [froglet, Dec 02 2005]

Dali's skull http://scriptumtrem...vo/dali%20skull.jpg
[normzone, Dec 02 2005]

(?) Skull table lamp http://mrsples.co.uk/skulls/087.jpg
[angel, Dec 02 2005]


       I would fuse all their lights...   

       afterthought - mebbe reduce their flash pad to ashes...
po, Dec 02 2005

       On the whole, I think I prefer the image of people drinking out of my skull. But yeah, a chandelier made of rellies, cool!
DrCurry, Dec 02 2005

       Would you accept a table lamp (linky)?
angel, Dec 02 2005

       Thats really twisted.
tboyz007, Dec 03 2005

       With a minimal business plan, you could probably buy a shell company to position yourself in the market and become an overnight millionaire before you'd need to break a single law.
reensure, Dec 03 2005

       I think that it would be lovely to start one of these, adding more skulls every generation. Imagine what a great chandelier my great-great-grandchildren would have.
wagster, Dec 03 2005

       good intentions.   

       By good intentions, i mean, "way to tap into someones skull without really 'tapping' into it."
daseva, Dec 03 2005

       Talk about your family heirlooms.
RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2005

       This idea fills me with trepanation.   

       Ok, + if only to provide others with the option. I've already accounted for a full sized Tussauds-like wax replica of myself to be commissioned. Trust funds available on condition that it shall sit in a corner reading a book throughout the generations. dusted.   

       [Ian] Nay, "Turning this off would prove that the speed of _life_ is relative, not constant." heh. heh.
Zuzu, Dec 03 2005

       //This idea fills me with trepanation// Sometimes I wish I was as good with words as others here.
wagster, Dec 03 2005

       trepanic - fear of having holes drilled in your head.   

       I was also at Kostnice two weeks ago... Amazing place. I wanted to move in.   

       zuzu - did you know that you can have a replica of your head modeled using bat guano - I'll do it. You only have to ask.
xenzag, Dec 03 2005

       I went to the Ossuary in the Czech Republic (it's not in Prague, really) and found it absolutely stunning -since, you know, those bones didn't belong to anyone I knew. I don't think I would like my grampa's skull sitting on my night table, but i'm sure other people will disagree with me and LOVE the idea of bones turning into house decoration. [+]
Pericles, Dec 04 2005

       [xz] Bat guano, eh? So, basically, I will go down through history as a sh** head?   

       Hmmm...ok, thanks for the offer, um, I'll get with my people to discuss the option. Someone will get back with you shortly.
Zuzu, Dec 04 2005

       Baked.See Pericles response
python, Dec 05 2005

       Why not have your dead family members taxidermied. You can keep them in their old rooms and even dress them up or play house.   






       i now feel sick.
IcarusByNight, Dec 05 2005

       //Why not have your dead family members taxidermied. You can keep them in their old rooms and even dress them up or play house.//   

       Ever seen 'Jackass'? There's an episode where Johnny Knoxville tries to get his granny stuffed.
froglet, Dec 06 2005

       [2 fries], that was truly awful. I giggled myself silly. [froglet] that's very, very dark. Glad I'm not related to you, don't fancy a suspicious death because your lampstand is looking a bit bare.
moomintroll, Dec 06 2005

       Oh no! The dog's chewing on Grandma again!
MikeOxbig, Dec 07 2005

       There was an article in the SF Chronicle recently about a woman who, on noticing the decline in number and quality of human skeletons in high school classrooms, wanted to leave her skeleton to science. (Average cadaver yields 1 skeleton, average skeleton "useable lifetime" is only about 100 years before it dries out too badly.)   

       The story details her difficulty in finding someone (such as a taxidermist) who would take a human body and subject it to the usual flesh-removing beetles used in taxidermy. She finally arranged with a professor at a school of medicine to have this service performed.
csea, Dec 07 2005


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