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Solar Crematorium

Use phovoltaics to cremate
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Gujarat has first solar Crematorium in world. It uses very large mirrors. See link.

Well that was my first thought. A kind of Logan' Run Vaporization, but outside. And the enormous mirrors provide their own advertizing. But the thing is baked.

So a more discrete Crematorium like a toaster on steroids powered by photovoltaics is proposed. Maybe at an abandoned sanitarium in a sunny place.

Maybe... Bake some bread or something when business is slow. Use different pans. Who wants a human sized loaf of bread? Just for the staff of course, so no one gets grossed out.

popbottle, Sep 11 2014

Gujarat has first solar crematorium in world http://www.indiatri...9:column&Itemid=462
Sigh they may have even beaten France to this invention. [popbottle, Sep 11 2014]


       [marked-for-deletion] "I thought of an idea, but it's already been done, but I had already started typing . . ."
FlyingToaster, Sep 11 2014

       You just want to sneak back in with a solar powered "flying toaster" crematorium/747 for the jet set as soon as I delete it. I bet.
popbottle, Sep 11 2014

       no, that would result in partially cremated body parts being blown across an airport. Amusing, but impractical.
FlyingToaster, Sep 11 2014

       // partially cremated body parts being blown across an airport. //   

       It appears that Aeroflot have significant Prior Art in that rather limited field of endeavour.   

       // Amusing, but impractical. //   

       Quite right, FOD is no fun; just ask Air France ...   

       As to the idea, it might be more effective to use photovoltaic-derived electrolysis of water to produce oxygen and hydrogen, then use carefully controlled mixtures (giving high temperatures, and reducing or oxidising atmospheres as appropriate) during cremation.
8th of 7, Sep 11 2014


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