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The Common Sense Destroyer

If you make sense it will make you not make sense.
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Have you ever wanted a very logical person to be not logical when on the phone? Well its the Common sense destroyer to the rescue. Just plug you're wall jack into the Common sense destroyer machine input and plug your phone into its output and your friends will never sound the same. By replacing some words in your friends very logically put together sentences with words that just don't fit the Common sense destoryer will add hours of laughs and confusion to your mundane conversations. An example before using the machine: "Well my Aunt Harriet came over for tea yesterday afternoon...." And as it sounds after using the machine: "Well my Aunt Butch came over for fried liver tomorrow evening..." The machine even changes the sound of the inserted words to match your friends voice using a three second delay and a audio editing software. The delay allows it time to find which words to take and leave and what words to add in as well as time to intialy change the sound of the voice.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 11 2004


       What's the point of it? I'm sure it would work, but to what purpose?
vigilante, Oct 11 2004

       Because it //will add hors devours of scrap iron and foot binding to your mundane moon trap.//   

       It might make telemarketers marginally more interesting, but mostly I think it would make talking on the phone annoying.
Ichthus, Oct 11 2004

       This sound like an audio implementation of the old Unix text filters such as "Rap" and "Valley Speak", which would translate regular text into something like the lingo it was supposed to recreate.   

       Very surreal, although not very practical. +
Aristotle, Oct 11 2004

       The idea for this came from someone saying in an annotation that "common sense" is a bad word. Thus...
MrDaliLlama, Oct 14 2004

       So, if you applied it to Lawyer gobbledegook, then everyone could understand it?
Ling, Oct 14 2004


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