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Three dozen D camera

An idea that came to someone else in a dream
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Two small cameras which can be mounted discreetly on the nippular areas of clothing, blending into the background by mimicking the colour of the fabric on which they are mounted. The lenses are covered by a "cornea" consisting of a clear flat chamber containing a transparent liquid into which four pigments are released - cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

A magnet is mounted behind the fabric of the garment on the nipple area. The camer itself is mounted on the opposite side of the fabric. It is also magnetic, with the opposite polarity. The side of the camera facing the cloth includes a white LED and a photocell. The camera uses this to determine the colour of that part of the garment, converts it to the CMYK colour space and releases the requisite quantities of the pigments into the liquid into the anterior chamber of the camera from reservoirs, camouflaging the camera. A remote control is secreted about the person to turn the camera on and off or take photos, depending on whether you want stills or moving images. The camera processes the images to account for the colour change induced by the pigments, restoring them to a condition closer to the original scene in white light.

The images would of course be stereoscopic and might consist of a surprisingly large number of men appearing to look straight into the lenses.

nineteenthly, Apr 06 2012




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