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The Cordializer

Cordial at the gym mmmmm
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I go to the gym with one of these water bottles... i don't really like water, i like juice (cordial).

If I bring the water bottle with a bit of cordial in the bottom I can have one drink.. but that's it.


It's a water bottle with an inner compartment of water (that can be refilled with water from the gym tap/facet), and an outer compartment filled with cordial. I pull out a pin for a second and it drains a bit of cordial into the inner compartment.. I fill it with water to dilute it.. mmmm cordial juice.. I drink it... then I pull the pin out for a second draining more codial to the inner compartment and then fill it with water.. You get the idea.

This way you can get maybe 5-6 drinks of diluted cordial with the water bottle and the water at the gym.

theengelbert, Mar 20 2008

check this out, it's a lot like what your thinking of, and it's good for you as well http://mbowers2.qhe....aspx?itemno=105484
It's a little tube filled with concentrated flavour that goes in your water, this one's blueberry, and it has antioxidants in it as well, if you check out the site there's other ones with different flavours and benifits too [ModernDivo, Sep 18 2008]


       Great idea "theengelbert", you are a visionary and will surely change the world. From theengelbert
theengelbert, Mar 20 2008

       Nice idea. In fact, nice enough to wonder if it's baked? Did you google first?   

       If you did, and it's not baked, then you are cruisin for a WTAGIPBAN.   

       Oh, and what the bejeesus is "cordial"?
globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

       [Global] A cordial is a juice concentrate. Lime cordial is quite good if you run out of drink.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       Well of course I deduced that, but I just wanted to be sure that our new English pal understands that the large pond(s) between us bakers has linguistic ramifications.   

       Polos? Really? You guys call Lifesavers "Polos"?   

       Oh, and, yeah, I guess we have ourselves a WTAGIPBAN.
globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

       Nope not checked google or anything.. no idea if it's baked, but i didn't copy it i thought of it the other day at the gym when i had to drink water instead of the apple and blackcurrent cordial I craved
theengelbert, Mar 20 2008

       // blackcurrent //   

       Speaking of large ponds between us, what the hell is that? I Googled and got "blackcurrant", which is a berry quite like redcurrant, which meant diddley to this American. Seriously, it sounds like drinking raisins.   

       "In the UK, blackcurrant cordial is often mixed with cider to make a drink called "Snakebite"." Now see, in America cider is just unfiltered apple juice. You guys put raisins in it and call that "Snakebite"?   

       There is indeed a large pond.   

       I am glad the 'Bakery is on both sides of it.   

       And I wish I had some Cider and Black.
baconbrain, Jan 12 2011

       Over here, cider is fermented apple juice - generally as alcoholic as a strong beer and somewhere between 'slightly sweet' and 'mouthpuckeringly dry'. A 'Snakebite' isn't blackcurrant cordial and cider, but is a mixture of equal parts of beer (usually a fairly tasteless lager - similar to Budweiser) and cider. Snakebite gives the most horrendous hangovers.

A 'Purple Nasty', on the other hand (can you tell I used to work in a student bar?) is a 'Snakebite', with a dash of blackcurrant cordial - a truly awful drink, but not as bad as adding a dash of blackcurrant cordial to Guinness, which turns the creamy head an attractive shade of purple but ruins the flavour of the drink.
hippo, Jan 12 2011


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