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The Crapsule™

Never clean another toilet again!
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The RCC (Removable Commode Capsule), better known amoungst it's proponents as the Crapsule™ eliminates the unpleasant need of cleaning the toilet area.

HOW IT WORKS: An initial installation of the Crapsule will basically make your bathroom modular, and depending on your subscription and maintenence contract with the manufacturer (Me, Inc.) a highly trained RCC Service Technician will arrive at your home with the RCC Retrieval Device to basically replace your soiled toilet with a fresh clean one.

If you pay for the exclusive RCC "On Call" service, a tech can be at your home within an hour - especially useful if you clog the toilet with a massive deuce, or a drunk college buddy pukes all over the place after too much to drink.

The Retrieval Device is basically a modified garbage truck. It has a hydraulic arm/winch system that will hoist the Crapsule out of your home and swap it with a new one (without spillage, as the storage tanks are sealed). The truck can hold about 10 Crapsules, and they are constantly delivered to regional cleansing stations for disinfection and subsequent redelivery to your home.

wugah, Apr 06 2003


       Oh yeah - one other feature: a Retrieval Device Notification System (RDNS) that won't allow the Crapsule to be picked up if occupied. It will also warn the occupant that the Retrieval Device is outside waiting (just in case they didn't hear the big diesel engine and back-up beeper right outside the window)
wugah, Apr 06 2003

       Did I see a variation of this idea on Mad TV recently - the single-use toilet? You would install a brand-new toilet and after its initial use, be it for the usual business or simply a family member tossing away a used tissue, you would tear it out and follow the simple, step-by-step installation instructions for the new unit. Comes complete with sledgehammer and giant disposal bin for your driveway.
Canuck, Apr 06 2003

       [Canuck]: No, you were not dreaming. I saw it too. Seemed like a lot of work to do yourself. The automated version of this idea seems a bit easier.
By the initial description of this idea, I was envisioning some sort of removable toilet insert, or a system where each part of an appliance could be quickly changed out. I doubt that the tank and flush mechanism would need swapping often, so just the bowl could be replaced.

       <aside> go Canucks! </aside>
Cedar Park, Apr 06 2003

       I think that the Crapsule (of course standing by my own concept) would be far easier than the single-use variety. It would be very much like a porta-potty in the sense that it is somewhat self-contained. Your dwelling would still have it's own septic system, but excluded from it would be the main bathroom. Half of the bathroom (at least the part with the toilet) would be completely separated from the rest of the house so it could be lifted out as a module - window, toilet paper dispenser and all. Unfortunately, the house would have to be custom configured to allow for the Retrieval Device to gain easy access without having to drive across the wife's prize winning orchids...
wugah, Apr 06 2003

       There is always the time honored large ziploc bag method. I've heard rumors (never confirmed) of long distance GA pilots using this.   

       Personally, I'd rather deviate from course than basic personal hygiene, even in a rental.
FloridaManatee, Apr 07 2003


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