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The Day of The Trolley

bump and go shopping trolley event
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On The Day of The Trolley, a large supermarket is closed and a hundred motorised "bump and go" shopping trolleys are placed in inside.

These are filled with a variety of shopping, placed randomly around the isles and switched on, to begin their chaotic, rambling, humanless journeys.

Being bump and go, they retreat away from anything upon which they impact, before attempting to continue their pointless meanderings. Some fall over scattering their contents.

Video cameras record the event.

xenzag, Mar 08 2008

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       officially "off your"   

po, Mar 08 2008

       + (somedays it seems like this anyway)!! Still, I'd like to be manning one of these and bump into folks the who are always parked in the middle of the aisles!
xandram, Mar 08 2008


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