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The Dean's book made silly, enjoyable to look at, and cheap

spam causes people to give you money to send them back their art (and others') on an art of the week sheet
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The Dean’s list book: You might have seen an ad for one of these, “congratulations you have been awarded a place on the dean’s list” For $1 processing fee, verify your name and we will put it in the Dean’s list book. The Dean’s list books is just $20 hardback and is arranged, in order of GPA and Name. Think of how much fun you’ll have looking up some of these other achievers on the internet!” These award books are legal.

(incidentally someone on quora asked how to earn money sending emails so I thought of this, thus the goldmine category)

Fortunately there is a funner more visually rich and even cheaply delightful version of the Dean's book, the weekly art page. The fun, easy pretty version with all email all the time:

Now, I think you can legally and ethically do this with art. Just use software to automatically write/comment to 100,000 art creators like the people at deviantart .com and others, telling that have already qualified to be on this week’s art page, in color, for free at like 1x1 cm. But if they paypal you $1 the quality of their art goes up to 1 inch square, and for $3 they gent sent an actual copy of the actual paper art piece of the week.

So it’s actually really fun, you get a piece of physical paper art in the mail for for $3. The way it works is that an internet to postal mail envelope gateway paper page is about $1.80 or less for a full color page, so you as the publisher make $1.20 per ordered piece, and perhaps if everybody goes 4x4 that’s $88 for art expansions.

Note of course you can make as many unique art sheets as there are people sending you money. So it looks like you make about $100 off 10 third party generated envelopes. using only computers, email, and, it must be said copying and pasting 88 little squares of art people make for you onto a page.

The $ is so cheap it reminds me of people having fun making zines in the 1990s.

clarification: It's basically just like 88 squares of art, each standing on their own, without any composition from the invited participants.

It goes to 11: Have you heard of non-fungible token art, like the first tweet going for $50,000 to 2.5 million in a few days? put a new NFT on each art of the week sheet.

beanangel, May 04 2021

someone on quora asks how to make money from email https://www.quora.c...?prompt_topic_bio=1
[beanangel, May 04 2021]

Men of Achievement -1974 https://www.youtube...watch?v=fpqC3VcF0pE
Clips from 90's Lee & Herring morning show that featured individuals taken from what sounds like a precursor to this idea. [zen_tom, May 04 2021]


       Hey now, I resemble that. I'm a published poet and all that in some horrid poetry collection scam book they conned me into submitting a piece to about 25 years ago. Besides that and the Who's Who of High School students it's all I've ever amounted to.
RayfordSteele, May 04 2021

       How much do you pay to submit the piece [Rayford]?
wjt, May 08 2021


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