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The Digital Handbag

Never get that prezzy wrong again with a bag for life
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My wife wants a handbag for Christmas as she does every Christmas. I will dutifully buy the wrong handbag this Christmas as I have done every Christmas. How am I supposed to know that Mark Jacobs is not the same as Marc Jacobs. The answer is clear: the Digital Handbag.

The Digital Handbag is your basic handbag covered in a wraparound OLED screen. Whatever the latest fashion, simply download an image of your favourite handbag from the internet to convert your handbag to the latest model.

Plus the Digital Handbag has a built in security feature. An embedded GPS system works in conjunction with latest police reports of handbag snatching to know exactly where you are relative to where recent reports of handbag snatching is occurring. Venture within 500 yards of known hotspots and the handbag will switch to invisibility mode by making using of the multiple cameras located around the handbag.

The_Saint, Dec 11 2009

"[-] for anything that might encourage women to carry handbags rather than buying proper clothes with pockets" http://blog.tmcnet....s/startrek-borg.jpg
This coming from a guy who lives in a wearable purse [normzone, Dec 11 2009]


       Nothing personal, but [-] for anything that might encourage women to carry handbags rather than buying proper clothes with pockets.
8th of 7, Dec 11 2009

       can't see how the ways other people carry their baggage affects you in any way... or perhaps women have assaulted you with their bags in the past...
po, Dec 11 2009

       Couldn't you just get her a gift card?
swimswim, Dec 11 2009

       looks like they sport chastity belts as well, norm.
po, Dec 11 2009

       Ha !   

       // perhaps women have assaulted you with their bags in the past //   

       No, merely produced from their handbags various bits of technology (mobile phones, MP3 players, remote controls, watches, handguns, cameras) irreversibly damaged by prolonged exposure to fluff, paper fragments, grit, assorted cosmetics, paperclips, combs, hairpins, keys, coins, bottle tops, chewing gum and confectionery, and demanded that be immediately restored to some semblance of operability,....
8th of 7, Dec 11 2009

       po, you crack me up. I laugh, and laugh...thanks.
blissmiss, Dec 12 2009

       8th, seriously - I have a much beloved palm that keeps wanting more charge. how do I deal with this?
po, Dec 12 2009

       Plug it into the charger unit that came supplied with it?
pocmloc, Dec 13 2009

       // how do I deal with this? //   

       Your device loses its charge because it isunhappy and lonely.It thinks that because you keep it in a dard, dirty handbag,you don't love it. It pines.   

       The answer is simple. Buy some proper trousers - preferably combat trousers with big pockets - that have belt loops. Put a holster on the belt and keep the unit in that. Then it will be next to you and feel happy and loved and keep it's charge because it won't be crying all the time through loneliness and neglect.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2009


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