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Purse Light

Never again need you search in vain for black objects inside a black purse.
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Woven into the lining of the purse are thin diffusing optical fibers, designed to emit light along their entire length. The ends of these fibers are bundled together and placed in front of a few high brightness LEDs. A soft, even glow coats the items inside the bag when it is opened.

Depending on the style for the evening, the colour can be altered by illuminating a different set of LEDs. Flashing patterns can be programmed for rave mode.

Hidden within the lining are the inner workings of the power source. A small weight and counterbalance system generates electricity from walking motions, charging a few battery cells. Because of the low energy consumption, an evening's stroll should be enough to power it for hours.

As a bonus, white LEDs are mounted externally for use as a flashlight.

Aq_Bi, Dec 25 2005

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DrCurry, Dec 25 2005


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