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The Driving Rein

"Hi ho, Pulsar... Away!"
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The accelerator/brake/steering wheel combination is done away with, and in place are simply two straps - leather, cloth or polymer - in an imitation of reins.

A quick flick of the reins will accelerate the car, while pulling on them will brake - the strength of either action determining the strength of the response. Pulling one of the reins will bear the car to that side, and again the tightness of turn is proportional to the action of the driver.

Detly, Dec 20 2004

Careful what you do with those reins http://www.google.c...safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG
[normzone, Dec 21 2004]

Learning to park in tight places http://www.partnerup.net/khayel1.jpg
[normzone, Dec 21 2004]


       I call shotgun! <launches lugi in general direction of spitoon>   

       <gets smacked by wife for not remembering lack of spitoon in house>   

       Will the car also respond to clicks through a mouthful of chewing tobacco? And what about spurs?
DocBrown, Dec 20 2004

       Steering ina Go Kart stylee.
DrBob, Dec 20 2004

       This is wonderful. Sometimes I wish I could give two buns. [~C]   

       (Six hours later . . . ) Oh. The Driving REIN! How clever! I can't really enjoy the pun because it took me half a day.
contracts, Dec 20 2004

       Imaginative, but I'll be the stinker and make sure this idea has at least one fish. I don't think you'd get fine enough control of a car with reins. It works with a horse because a horse is somewhat intelligent.   

       I'm imagining myself getting very annoyed trying to coax my car to go just fast enough to match the speed of the car in front without gaining, or trying to accelerate gently while rounding a corner while staying in my lane.
scad mientist, Dec 20 2004

       Stopping quickly would be a problem. A horse tilts back, a car tilts forward. You could only slam the brakes on momentarily, and with nothing to brace yourself on...
Shz, Dec 20 2004

       I see a new breed of ultra-modern Amish riding around in these.
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2004

       [contracts] - well, to make up for it, here's an even worse one:   

       "Honey, you took that corner a little fast, don't you think?"
"It wasn't my fault - it was the rein, dear."

       [Shz] - with the feet free, you could put bracing pedals in for heavy braking.
Detly, Dec 21 2004

       Stirrups. - That would be cool.
Shz, Dec 21 2004

       for ginikalogikal examinations whilst driving?   

       (mince pie to the first person to spot the deliberate mistake)
etherman, Dec 21 2004

       I was just about to give this a bun until I read that awful pun [delty].
dobtabulous, Dec 21 2004

       Where is Susen when you need her.....Ok, I'll be the one to ask the questions.   

       Plow rein or neck rein. Can I do half halts? What about leg commands?   

       The simplest of things you can do on a horse involve overt use of the reins. From there on it gets more and more complex.   

       I've ridden a horse that had so much training that an amatuer such as myself just had to sit still and try not to give accidental commands.   

       He could be neck reined [you hold both reins in one hand and steer by shifting them left and right] or plow reined [you gently draw back on the left or right rein]. I don't know the name for the technique, but you could also tighten both reins, and whichever side you loosened was the direction he would go.   

       You could control his movements and speed by shifting your weight forwards and back, or by leg contact on either or both sides. I wish Susen was here, she KNOWS this stuff, I'm just a hacker.   

       So, if we're going to institute this idea, I picture one version for the family car, another for sports cars, still another for trucks, etc.
normzone, Dec 21 2004


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