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Vehicle Controllers

Use a video game controller to drive a car.
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Has this already been suggested? I know my ideas are fresh and new to me, but it always seems some already has them in development...

Ok, so the idea - Use video game type controllers for driving. We have an entire generation of future drivers that have mastered this type of device. If we incorporate it into a vehicle, then you have several benefits.

- Combination attacks, er maneuvers, such as parallel parking or changing the radio station. - You could hand off the driver to your co-pilot. - You could coil it up after driving. - Lock it in the glovebox for security. (Sorry 'The Club™) - No need for airbags outta steering wheels. - And for the young lovers (etc) no entanglement in your steering wheel.

ByteMarquis, Mar 14 2003

Drive by wire http://www.visteon..../2001/112801a.shtml
[half, Oct 17 2004]

Borzoi Joystick Car http://www.speedace.info/borzoi.htm
British patent 2253379 (link is resource intensive) [Shz, Oct 17 2004]

Mercedes approach to Joystick Controls http://gate.cruzio....enzdealer/f200.html
Certainly frees up a lot of cabin space, but looks difficult for older drivers to become accustomed to using. [jurist, Oct 17 2004]

Hy-Wire car - "X-Drive" http://auto.howstuf...ks.com/hy-wire3.htm
Somewhat like a video game controller. [andrewm, Oct 17 2004]

seems [Shz] has wrong link for Borzoi http://www.speedace...ototype_styling.htm
Borzoi joystick car [pashute, Jul 30 2006]

and [jurist] link is outdated for Mercedes Joystick http://www.ultimate...car.php&carnum=1105
The F200 Joystick driven car (Drive by Wire) [pashute, Jul 30 2006]


       Baked. Except for the part about the controller dangling from the end of a wire.
half, Mar 14 2003

       Does that mean I posted to the wrong site? Bakery.com seems to be about food (go figure).
ByteMarquis, Mar 14 2003

       Nah, it just means that this is widely known to exist so it is not viable as an idea around here. (Which I suspect you know, given your hb birth date) This is the right site, that was just the wrong idea. Please, have another go at it.
half, Mar 14 2003

       Actually, thinking this was pretty baked, I looked for well over an hour earlier today for a linkable site that featured the same kind of hand held video-game controller that ByteMarquis specifies. I passed on the links that [half] and [Shz] provided because the first still uses a "Steering Wheel" of sorts, and the second uses a pilot's wishbone-style steering device. I thought the Mercedes link came closest to the general intention, but as cool as it is, it is still a relatively inflexible system, and not very like a portable hand-held video game controller. A part of me really likes the idea of being able to just "unplug" the controller device and walk away from the car knowing that it cannot be driven by anyone else. While I'm sure that as a theft deterrent system this, too, would be quickly subverted by the determined thief, right now it has at least the same cool value as removable faceplates for extremely expensive audio systems had in the late '80's. In spite of clear evidence of lots of earlier efforts to come up with something similar, it seems to me that Byte Marquis still has something that is unique until proven otherwise.
jurist, Mar 15 2003

       Is this your first posted idea in all this time? Nice.
thumbwax, Mar 15 2003

       My thinking is that although the first link has a steering wheel of sorts, that it is "Drive by wire". Which leads me to believe that there is no mechanical link to the steering mechanism. The other links also show what must be purely electronic control systems. In my way of thinking, this idea therefore constitutes an extension cord of sorts. I personally would prefer that the controls be found in predictable locations and orientations under all potential driving circumstances. You want to pass off control to the other vehicle occupant, give them their own set of controls.   

       I do like the idea of being able to remove the controls for the potential theft deterrent effect. I don't like the idea of the reliability problems introduced by a readily removable connector which might go through a high count of connect/disconnect cycles.   

       I'm also in favor of not having a steering column aka harpoon/battering ram aimed at my body while I'm driving.
half, Mar 15 2003

       One of the key advantages to any sort of fixed position steering wheel over the portable handheld videogame controller that we haven't discussed is the fact that two hands are not required to be on the steering mechanism at all times. When all the controls for speed, gearing, braking and direction are concentrated in the one control device, removing one's hand to change the station on the radio tuner, light a cigarette, answer a cell-phone call, sip a soda or have a snack, might all become death defying maneuvers that resulted in more tragic results than a mere "Game Over" knell on the dash display.
jurist, Mar 15 2003

       -Is this your first posted idea in all this time?- Yep, thanx.   

       The more I hear some of y'all's thoughts on this, I kinda think, maybe not. The two hands thing is what bugs me. I know after several hours of playing I get sore thumb. And there are times when your hands get a little sweaty fighting the bad guys. hmmm. Does road rage have the same effect?   

       You wouldn't have to take your hands off for changing the radio. It would be X + O + Ä then up+down.   

       Something else i thought of... forget the cables. They get all tangled up. But then there is interference with neighboring cars. And is lossing the controller worse than lossing the keys?   

       Maybe as jurist suggested... it should come with multiple lives (should I add that as an idea? Extra lifes?)
ByteMarquis, Mar 15 2003

       I see a lot of buns in the annos but none in the vote. Seems to me this idea is yet to be implemented 3 years later!
pashute, Jul 30 2006


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