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Theme Shopping

Break up the monotany of the shopping aisle by having various themes
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Shopping can get pretty boring - so why not revolutionise the aisle by giving them various theme's? Imagine you are walking down the toilet roll isle, when all of a sudden, huge spears start ejecting from the walls and poison darts whistle past your ears - you guessed it, the toilet roll aisle is in the theme of Raiders of the Lost Ark! Your'e walking down the canned food aisle, and you say hello to a pretty girl who asks you the time, 10 seconds later, you hello to a pretty girl who asks you the time - its the Groundhog Day/Craig David video aisle!! The possibilites could be endless.
Bantam, Feb 10 2003

2002: A Supermarket Odyssey http://www.halfbake...permarket_20Odyssey
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       Seems monotonous to spell "monotony" with almost no vowels but "o," doesn't it?
beauxeault, Feb 10 2003

       Shopping already has a theme: shopping.
snarfyguy, Feb 10 2003

       I'd forgotten about that - I always shopped in the Cowboy/Western Fry's.
hippo, Feb 11 2003

       'Shopping already has a theme:shopping'. Must be a pretty boring life you lead then Snarfyguy, if you never use your imagination and just stick to the basics. Drinking has a theme - drinking, so why are there so many different brands and flavours out there with 'theme bars' to drink them in? Driving already has a theme - driving, it would be pretty boring if all cars looked and drove the same. Cheese has a theme - cheese etc etc I could go on...
Bantam, Feb 11 2003

       It's been some time since I've been in Fry's-Burbank, CA which ha/d/s(?) a crappy alien attack theme. Thought it was the stupidest theme *ever* then - still do now.
Bantam, I think it's *you* who would lead a pretty boring life if you became like the huddled masses - dependent on an outside source of intellectual stimulation - unable to simply entertain them elves. Obviously, the windmills of your mind haven't completely splintered yet, as you were likely amus/ed/ing by antics of your own doing or /a/ comedic com/a/rad/eri/e/s, and exploited th/at/ose here in written form. However, themes without apostrophes, as our Fearless Leader points out, are baked.
I'd like to have been around before there was instant gratification of radio and TV and all their permutations, however, that certainly that would mean that I'd not be able to partake in this cornucopia of ideas through the internet which followed those days of tubes and I'd have missed out on this accidental community. Perhaps we'd all be regaling relatives and friends of our elves and one anothers distant relatives, instead of each other with tales of things which don't exist but w/c/s/hould, just like they did in the days before TV and Radio - and the halfbakery.
thumbwax, Feb 11 2003


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