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The Family That Spies Together...

Just might die together!
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This action sitcom would be set in a world in which James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Austin Powers, and Julian Bean are brothers. James is the eldest, the suave hit-it-and-quit-it ladies man. Ethan is the sappy second son of the family who always ends up in long term relationships that usually end in the girl walking out because he's too possessive and controlling. Austin and Mr. Bean are the youngest of the clan, nonidentical twins who ate paint chips and sniffed glue together as children, and were given jobs in the family business out of guilt.

Ideally directed by either Terry Gilliam or Mel Brooks.

21 Quest, Jan 01 2013


       Ah, to cast this one...
normzone, Jan 02 2013

       I was thinking John Cleese as the family patriarch.
21 Quest, Jan 02 2013

       ...and their irritating cousin, Jason Bourne.

(incidentally, is there a rule that secret agents - e.g. James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer - have to have the initials "JB"?)
hippo, Jan 02 2013

       No but you just introduced the newest conspiracy theory. Nice job, 21ster, I'll be thinking about this today at work. +
blissmiss, Jan 02 2013

       [+] hah!! Do they have a mother? ( could it have been a petri dish?)
xandram, Jan 02 2013

       Judi Dench?
21 Quest, Jan 02 2013

       M for mother
zeno, Jan 06 2013

       Lol that's why I suggested Judi Dench. She's played M in all the Daniel Craig Bond films.
21 Quest, Jan 06 2013


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