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A show about nothing... except science!
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Seinfeld's relatively amusing, I'd watch it if it came on and I was sitting in front of the box, but it's not as if I'd seek it out to make sure I didn't miss it. It also has no educational value.

So... what about you take the characters, give them white lab coats, and run the show as per usual. Once something happened that warranted a decent scientific explanation, everybody could step out and perform experiments, draw things on blackboards, test chemicals on monkeys etc.

It'd solve what's in Kramer's hair at least.


I really did love the name though...


But this show wouldn't be aimed at kids, it'd combine the adult humour (I use that phrase loosely) of Seinfeld with informative scientific stuff - which would be funny, but also interesting.

Sasha, Jan 15 2003


       <animal welfare guy> tsk,tsk monkeys tsk,tsk <animal welfare guy>
skinflaps, Jan 15 2003

       I was expecting to see a proposal for a show with a more tongue-in-cheek comedic twist on known sciences, such as characters developing over-unity devices and the like. This would have great entertainment value for those educated in science, as well as being an inspiration for those lesser educated who would, no doubt, view it seriously.

Coincidentally, some of the scripts could be taken directly from the œB, as a certain few contributors seem to have a particular talent for presenting the ridiculous in a serious manner, which makes it all the more entertaining.
X2Entendre, Jan 15 2003

       Beakman's and "Bill Nye, The Science Guy" have been notable attempts to make science education more entertaining.   

       You know who did it in a much more clever and stealthy way, though? "Scrapheap Challenge" (aka "Junkyard Wars" in the US). One of the original purposes of that show was to get kids interested in science, hence the cutesy cartoon drawings and explanations of concepts like buoyancy, levers, and so on.
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       (Off topic), I think that a good way to introduce kids to engineering and science would be to have inter-scholastic "robot wars", but at the remote control car level.
The children could scrounge old, dead, remote control toys from their fellow classmates for the better part of the year. Cannibalize them for parts, and have school wide robot wars between classes, to see which robot will represent the school in the provincial, (or state), finals.
I have a box full of this kind'o'crap, and my twelve year old is constantly trying to make something from the mess. I thought about posting this as an idea, but figured I would rather try baking, it starting with my son's school.

       Nice thinking, 2 Fries. That'd totally get their enthusiasm. I taught my girlfriend's high-school students some basic programming, which was on a voluntary basis (for all of us), and they really took of when they started competing with each other (exactly what I hadn't wanted to happen - they were covering up sections of code when other students walked by). It just got their enthusiasm up. I think of how much more stoked they'd be by the idea of destroying the other guy's robot.
rowlycat, Jan 16 2003

       There was a UK kids' programme called 'It'll Never Work' that covered some of the stuff covered by the hb. They'd have a spot featuring an invention from the Chindogu society, a few old 'bizzare' patents and they ran a useless inventions competion every series. One winner was a coal-fired fridge.
oneoffdave, Jan 16 2003

       Second 4nick’s “Beakman’s World” link. It’s baked. And yeah 4nick, I can see the Kramer resemblance.
Shz, Jan 16 2003

       Permission to bake for short film comp?
serenitynow, Mar 31 2006


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