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The Force Generator

Who says The Force only works in the movies???
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A mobile, large, metal "drum" housing a variety of defensive and offensive battle systems. The systems involved can be linked to "the force" made popular in starwars in one way or another. The systems are as follows.

1) A super powerful electro-magnet. This could be used to draw enemy weapons out of their hands and into yours or as well as any other metal accessories he/she may be carrying. Another use of this system could be to use several of them simultaneously at points a set distance apart. this could not only draw enemy weapons but also effect the flight paths of any metal bullets making it very difficult to aim properly.

2) An electro-magnetic pulse generator. Use to fry any electrical systems in the area.

3) A high-explosive. The device also doubles as an incendiary explosive loaded with several gallons of compressed thermite plasma and c4 explosives. So if it is of no further use as an electro-generator you have a large bomb as well.

It can be dropped from planes and operated by remote or carried in on foot and planted in the ground so they aren't drawn to metal when activated. the if it is hot-dropped then you could activate the magnet and seriously screw up any metal items in the area. if it is drawn to something too heavy to pull to itself then you can remote detonate the bomb and cook the unfortunate object to a crisp.

Total power...

TheMadScientist, Feb 20 2004


       Sorry about the spelling but i had to go fast, as i was late for work.
TheMadScientist, Feb 20 2004

DesertFox, May 07 2004

       i get the BIIIG magnet, EMP and high explosive parts, but where does the force come into it? as far as i can tell, this is just a bucket o' bombs, baked at your nearest dodgy discount destruction dealer. (and carrying the thing is out for anyone weaker than He-Man)
stilgar, May 09 2004

       Spikes. You forgot about the spikes. Barbed, vibrating spikes.
bungston, May 09 2004


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