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thermopowered daisy chain arson drones

a method for setting the entire world on fire
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upon considering that russia ,finland, sweden norway and canada possess the theoretical power to radically destroy the global population perhaps by 99% by simply setting ALL of their boreal forests on fire ( thereby inducing a whiplash seesaw of immediate global winter induced famine followed by massive global warming resulting from the massive c02 increase to the atmosphere-----------it dawned on me they might be looking for the technology to plan this out.

simply put, you want a drone that can start fires by lazer, and is powered by absorbing thermal energy from fires and storing it in batteries.

the drone starts a fire . than flies onto the fire to heat up its thermal resoivoir, and then flies away to start a fire elsewhere. in this way the drone can continuously and unendingly start fires.

set loose approximately 20,000 of these drones across the upper lattitutdes in the euroasian and north american continent and you can probably set fire to almost 90%+ of the forests in ONE season. thereby destroying much of humanity far more thoroughly than any mutually ensured nuclear destruction scenario.

i'm talking massive die off.

bonus points if the global warming itself or some knock on effects are sufficient to produce the theoretical hydrogen sulfide proliferation in the oceans that is theoretically responsible for the permian extinction ( i believe that if h2s was the cause it was itself released by volcanoes not due to global warming........)

note that it is also possible that the massive fires create enough N0x aerosols to create a longer enduring global winter than the one that would simply result from the short term blocking of sun due to quickly falling soot that would block the sun from the ground for a short while ( aerosols of NOx have a longer enduring presence in the atmosphere reflecting sunlight for a longer period of time. )

teslaberry, Aug 02 2016

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal [notexactly, Aug 12 2016]


       Worth testing in a forest near you?
xenzag, Aug 02 2016



       Actually, you had us at // start fires by lazer //   

       Sp. "LASER".   

8th of 7, Aug 02 2016

       This is terrible!   

       How soon can we start?
whatrock, Aug 03 2016

       // russia ,finland, sweden, norway and canada//   

       Ah, yes, the notorious axis borevil.   

       When that culturally diverse group of countries get together and mutually decide to ignore their own interests and destroy the world - watch out!
Loris, Aug 03 2016

       I bun this on condition that the salamander fire-bathing drones retain their LAZERS. I like the logistics / reasoning behind it.   

       I like this for a scifi concept. Or an adventure movie concept: supervillain has to destroy the world somehow. People would initially blame aliens, then the axis of borevil, then the Danes. It should come down to either the dolphins or the Old Ones or both.   

       Might I humbly suggest that the fires be quenched by a simple and expedient pumping of the atmosphere into space? I here assert that resdiual atmosphere will remain longer at the equator than nearer the poles. Good people can have a tropical vacation while the earth is saved.
bungston, Aug 03 2016

       And storing it there for later retrieval. The atmosphere. That is an important piece of the plan. It probably should have gone on the same page as the first part.
bungston, Aug 03 2016

       Never work with the Canadians, they'd just get bogged down in bureaucratic arguing over whether or not world-ending fire drones are a Federal or Provincial responsibility.
AusCan531, Aug 04 2016

       Wouldn't work in the USA. Put up posters announcing that there's a bag limit on them and anyway they're near-impossible to hit and the whole lot will be blasted out of the sky within hours by Good Ol' Boys toting Granma's Ithaca 10-gauge ...
8th of 7, Aug 04 2016

       the thing is i did a bit of research on how truly inaccesible and remote the boreal forests are.   

       the real truth is that the entire worlds fleet of military manned aircraft would be insufficient to stop this if it were unleashed. the only way to stop a minimum of 10,000 of these things is to have these very same drones being used to hunt one another instead of starting fires.   

       or to invent a new type of refueling mechanism for a fleet of drones that would allow them to reach inaccesible locations on a PERSISTENT basis.   

       the key to setting entire forests on fire that are larger than brazil itself in ONE season is drones that are constantly on the move and NOT CONSTRAINED BY A REFUELING PROBLEM.   

       these forests are so remote that historically, even building a railroad for regular seasonal and winter access does nothing but open up dozens of miles of forest within reach of the rail station. theses forests are huge and truly difficult to control highly sophisticated technology designed to access every part of them   

       foremost, this is a logistical challenge, not really a military challenge.   

       the arson , more than anything, is the source of energy, as well as the goal of the mission, so in that way it actually is elegant and beautiful and functional as a real concept. no doubt darpa is already working on this.   

       many years ago, i wrote about a space tugboat and within a short period i saw that darpa was working on that tooo....it could have been a simple coincidence, but at the very least, greatly creative minds think alike and confirm one another.
teslaberry, Aug 04 2016

       I'm not convinced with the thermal power bit. To generate power you need a temperature difference, not just to be hot, so simply landing in the fire or flying over it won't work.   

       So what, you sit in the fire for a bit to heat up, then fly over to the snow and try and suck some power out before you cool off completely? If it were easy to harvest energy from forest fires, we'd already be doing it.   

       This whole thing might be easier if we just built steam powered robot lumberjacks, which used the wood to fuel their boilers. Might need a few million of them to do it in one season though.
mitxela, Aug 04 2016

       // I'm not convinced with the thermal power bit. […] simply […] flying over [the fire] won't work. //   

notexactly, Aug 12 2016

       //[link]// But how would thermals be able to charge up your multi-kilowatt lasers?
mitxela, Aug 13 2016


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