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The Giver 2000

A book just like The Giver, but sci-fi
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This would be a book about a boy in an antiutopian society, like in the giver, but instead of given the power of color vision and memory, he's given the task of exploring an AI built interface that has reached a rumored singularity that nobody has ever seen before except the giver, and that the government will not disclose details as to it's capabilities, but gives him and the giver access to it.

The society is projected as anitutopian but will simply resemble a developed nation in the year 2000. The projection will be reinforced by the introduction of the interface, which reveals a very dissapointing aspect of reality: that society suffers without the interface, and the government is harsh to keep it from being used.

Soon, the boy becomes engulfed in a world of symbol and circumstance, forever at risk over his own interpretations and convictions as he stumbles through the depths of the most natural and chaotic technology of man.

daseva, Nov 19 2007


       So - your idea is to rip off someone else's idea and write a book based on it, but with a sci-fi slant.   

       How original.
Murdoch, Nov 20 2007

       Writing sci-fi/futuristic versions of actual stories and books is baked. And, unless the plot is incredible and the differences perfectly written, even the official versions are booed. This isn't very original. Perhaps as fanfiction, this would be good. Apart from that, this seems like a rip-off of many stories (there are a few stories about a future, a government with a secret and rebels who want to inform the masses about the truth.)
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 20 2007

       The Giver is already arguably a sci-fi story...
sninctown, Jan 07 2014


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