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The Global Warming Globe

A globe that represents what the earth will look like when the polar ice caps melt...
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Just another item pandering to the idiots of today.
iemayem2, Apr 06 2009

2D map http://www.johnston...rt/earthicefree.jpg
I've seen others that I thought showed less landmass than this one. Either way, my house would be 60' under water with all glacial ice in liquid form. [Zimmy, Apr 07 2009]


       [marked-for-del3tion] magic. Nobody knows this result, for sure. Now, a series of globes that represented different predictions from the candy store variety of geological surveys, etc. is fine. Also, you can just choose your favorite, but that will be misleading.   

       Consider sounding more inspired when writing ideas. [iemayem2], Welcome to the halfbakery!
daseva, Apr 06 2009

       How about a waterballoon?
phoenix, Apr 06 2009

       I think you could probably make this a lot more general. If you just had some kind of projection device in the centre, you could do things like adjust the height of the water, travel in time, change the planet depicted and display different styles of map such as population density.
nineteenthly, Apr 06 2009

       //[marked for deletion] magic. Nobody knows this result, for sure.// I disagree. Nobody knows, for sure, if the polar ice caps will melt. But we know fairly accurately how much water would be released if they did. And, since we know the topography of the planet pretty well, we can easily tell how it would look if the caps melted.   

       //Consider sounding more inspired when writing ideas. [iemayem2], Welcome to the halfbakery!// Sheesh! Come on, what kind of way is that to greet a noobie?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2009

       It's also known how high the land is elevated and therefore where the coastlines would be. Rather than thinking of this as a global warming globe, i prefer to think of it as a display device on which various maps can be illustrated. I do, however, wonder about the appearance of new islands as a result of soil erosion.
nineteenthly, Apr 07 2009

       globe can mean 'light bulb'
wjt, Apr 07 2009

       Maybe all the water evaporates, [MB], and the earth turns into some sort of crazy cloudland. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THAT???   

       And, I'm really not following how I've somehow misrepresented the goal here. The guy/girl wrote a one liner.
daseva, Apr 07 2009

       I think daseva's initial comments were quite restrained under the circumstances (ALL CAPS, insults etc) - I've have been (and am still tempted to be) much, much ruder.   

       On the cloud thing, you'd need the Earth to be closer to the sun for that to happen since the water vapour's colour would reflect the earth's albedo, and (probably) have an overall cooling effect (which in turn would lessen the water's tendency to form water vapour). This *should* be a limiting factor in determining the earth's future climate (i.e. it shouldn't get to the point where the oceans start getting considerably hotter) but still might not avoid an increase in water-levels as vast tracts of hitherto sequestered above-sea level water-ice starts to melt and fill the oceans.   

       BUT, if the seas don't rise, the decrease in biodiversity, aridisation, periodic flooding due to changing weather patterns and abandonment of previously fertile lands due to increased temperatures will have unpleasant consequences not only to those whose lives are directly affected, but will put further pressure on other limited resources.   

       AND, even if none of that happens, the redirection of development towards more providing more sustainable and advanced technologies will provide huge economic rewards and develop entirely new markets that previously had never existed.   

       AND, even if none of that happens, the concerted effort to move away from oil-centric technology will take the disproportionate and destabilising power base away from the powder kegs of the Middle East (and burgeoning Latin America), very likely causing some of the more extreme elements and factions to step back from their more hardline political stances.   

       Idiots of today? What absolute tosh.   

       Sadly though, I can't agree with the [mfd] - creating a globe whose coastlines are based on a calculated rise in sea level is perfectly possible to do (it might be cool if you could control somehow the height of sea level) but I do agree that the tone is a little difficult to take.
zen_tom, Apr 07 2009

       Fine. I'll retract the MFD. I still think the idea should just be a globe that shows shoreline strictly based on sea level rises, and not ice caps melting. The two are not in exact correlation.
daseva, Apr 07 2009


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