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World Domination Globe

Makes a great accesory in any corporation.
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So this would be a plastic sphere, as big as you want. It would be translucient. A lazer would be under it firing upward into a spinning mirror. Using servos etc, you would paint the inside of the ball to look like a globe.

Now heres the cool part. Lets say you are a big corporation tracking the number of customers you have, using the lazer you could make the countries blink accordingly. So lets say 10000 is your limit. So any country with 10000 customers would be painted solid red with the lazer. If you had a country with only 5000 customers, it would stay on for half a second and then shut off for half a second.

Using this device you could stand back and get a feel for how much of the world you have conqured in a glance.

Variations: Make the cities blink, have different grandularities so as your empire grows (or shrinks) you can set the blinking properly.

zer0wing, Jul 10 2003


       The sun never sets on Megatitanlithic, Inc., eh?
DrCurry, Jul 10 2003

       I do this now, except instead of a big plastic globe, I use a CRT and instead of a laser, I use a stream of electrons and instead of red, I paint mine green and instead of 10000 as a limit, I use 20 and instead of flashing, mine get darker.   

       Based on my system, all your base are belong to me.
phoenix, Jul 10 2003

       Sweet! Phoenix.   

       Well its close enough anyway. I think I would prefer the lazer, you could get more colors. I think my preference would be make the continents translucent, with black water, and a red lazer. I think I would just make the graduation variable....   

       Wait a sec. Do you mean you actually have a globe for keeping track of how much of the world you have dominated? Thats pretty cool, and scary!
zer0wing, Jul 10 2003

       Anything that that helps me to keep track of my world domination advancements.
sidi, Jan 25 2004


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