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The Great Halfbakery Guessing Game

Who wrote it?
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A number of bakespeople of varying fame/ notoriety get sent an invitation. If they accept, their next idea has no author listed when posted. Instead, there is a box for people to guess who wrote it. The front page would have a link to all of these. When the contest ends, the ideas get names on them and whoever gets the most right (may be more than one person) wins one meeeelion dollars! (Substitute prize of your name and a short message on the halfbakery front page for one week, generally considered to be of equal value, may be awarded instead at Jutta's discretion.)
bdh, Oct 26 2005

very much like this one Name_20That_20_27Baker
[po, Oct 26 2005]


       Jutta loves stuff like this.
bristolz, Oct 26 2005

       Another [bristolz] anno right on the mark, as usual...
normzone, Jul 25 2014

       Another quick-fire [normzone] annotation... :-)
hippo, Jul 28 2014

       something something [hippo] anno
Voice, Jul 28 2014


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