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Three legs of the tripod

It takes three to tango
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In this game for participating troikas, going first is easy. The game is played in the anno string. The initial annotater ( referred to as the initiator) gets to choose the category name under which the idea will be built. This establishes the first leg of the idea.

The succeeding annotant (known as secondus, dos, or binareal ) constructs the idea's title. This is not so easy, as the title must follow in some vague manner the choice of category, although some potential is enough to permit play if your cohorts are easily amused. The best players of this game develop this stage so that it is both fully plausible yet fiendishly difficult to complete the final stage.

The tertiary annotationist ( in common vernacular known as hindmost ) must construct an explanation of the idea, that reflects both the category and the title provided by the first and second contributors.

After each round, the players change positions, the primary moving to secondus, and the tertiary becoming the initiator.

To complete a full round of play, each player must have a go at each of the three positions once. One complete round of three goes is referred to as a "half". If a player loses interest and leaves the game before a half is completed, the remaining players must agree on whether to allow a substitution in place or whether the round must begin again.

This is the basis of the game, but additional rules are many and diverse. One standard half must be completed before variants may be introduced. Three players who have completed a half are referred to collectively as fools.

For example, the [Vernon] variant has minimum length requirements. There are punning variants. Some players enjoy musical reference requirements.

normzone, Mar 07 2014

Mornington Crescent http://en.wikipedia...Crescent_%28game%29
[normzone, Mar 07 2014]

Sheepshead http://en.wikipedia...eepshead_%28game%29
[normzone, Mar 07 2014]

Rubber house http://www.dezeen.c...lderen-architecten/
[normzone, Mar 08 2014]


       Okay, I'll open. Chosen at random from the categories (not always a popular opener)...   

       Business: Supermarket: Trolley: Information
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       Okay, I'll bite.   

       “In-Cart Shopping Concierge”
ytk, Mar 07 2014

       "Minutia Cart"   

       (And I see this game has an Issue with "simultaneous postings" ....what is the Rule for that?)   

       Regarding the Rules in the main text, IF it is "fiendishly difficult" to construct an Idea body, then perhaps there should be some sort of clause indicating that the second poster of the triad needs to be able to do what the third person couldn't do, just to prove that, despite the fiendish difficulty, it could still be done.
Vernon, Mar 07 2014

       The In-Cart Shopping Concierge is a computer attached to the cart, programmed with some Artificial Intelligence, and controlling a large curved hatchway over the top of the shopping trolley. The concierge has sensors to detect items brought toward the cart, and only opens the hatchway for nutritious food, or for non- food items like dish soap or toilet paper.   

       All junk foods roll off the curved hatch and land on the floor. The concierge also controls some arms able to push stuff that lands on the floor sideways away from the cart, ensuring a clear pathway exists to reach the next healthy food item.
Vernon, Mar 07 2014

       Not bad. I believe the next move is yours, [Vernon].
ytk, Mar 07 2014

       The gaps in the rules remain to be resolved...the auto completion exemption is controversial, yet, in view of today's busy world, there must be some flexibility.   

       I'm up for another round, looking forwards to choosing a title.
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       Shaftesbury Avenue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2014

       [ytk] and [normzone], OK, I clicked the "random" selector, and the new category is "Food: Sweet: Side-Effect"
Vernon, Mar 07 2014

       Confused I am - obviously multiple games can go on simultaneously. In response to [Vernon], the title is "Candy is Dandy".
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       Park Crescent.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2014

       “…But liquor is a necessity”   

       To all outward appearances, it's simply an ordinary chocolate bar—but it's actually a flask that comes pre-filled with the liquor of your choice (high-proof vodka works best for stealth purposes). The chocolate is made with a high concentration of cocoa to resist melting or dissolving in the alcohol, and the inside of the “flask” is coated with a food-grade wax to further keep the beverage from leaking. Simply bite off the top of the bar to open the flask, allowing you to consume as much booze as you like in public without arousing suspicion.   

       Make 'em think you're just a CHOCoholic.
ytk, Mar 07 2014

       Okay, for the last round of this half, let's go with…   

       Home: Safety
ytk, Mar 07 2014

       Maiden Lane.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2014

       The Layne family, best known for their actor sons Wright and Carpul, spawned a black sheep who rebelled against the endless acting lessons and being groomed for the big screen.   

       Mayden Layne, who as an act of defiance changed the spelling of her name, is in some quarters viewed as perhaps having overreacted to the libidinous excesses of the Hollywood culture she grew up in.   

       She swore a vow of chastity, which gave cause for despair to her admirers. She was fair to look upon, and could have exploited this for some profit.   

       Instead, in an effort to draw others to a similar chaste lifestyle, she started a small company dedicated to establishing right-of-ways solely for the use of young women who did not wish to be annoyed by the attentions of would be suitors.   

       Her forays into acquiring real estate for this project rapidly consumed her inheritance, and she was forced to downscale the idea to marketing strips of carpeting that were designated as "maiden lanes" to be placed in homes where there were young ladies wishing to proclaim their virginal status, and have their own path through the house safe from the harassment of siblings.   

       This endeavor also failed, and Mayden Layne passed from the public eye into obscurity. Attendant rumors included a nunnery, descent into debauchery, and death by falling into a pond of hungry koi.
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       Indeed so.   

       However: Mornington Crescent.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2014

       Finchley Central.
ytk, Mar 07 2014

       I'm sorry, I haven't a clue.   

       (some googling actually gave me one)
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       So I'll open this half with throwing out the requirements for the same players - anyone may respond.   

       The category, chosen, not random, is Other: Religion: Ritual   

       Caveats are popular song lyrics and puns.
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       Maxwell, you led my to Grooveshark,where I now am perusing back editions of Mornington Crescent. I do believe though that in your opening move you approached Shaftesbury Avenue on the diagonal. Is that permitted where you come from?
normzone, Mar 07 2014

       [ytk], for your Home: Safety category I will suggest (though probably not fiendishly difficult) the title, "Rubber House".
Vernon, Mar 08 2014

       In my researches for something different than the obvious (condom construction or a bouncy polymer home) I found evidence of prior art and actual baking of the idea (link) so I need to ask the moderator for clarification - are we playing by formal Halfbakery rules? If so, rubber house may be baked, although a good lawyer could argue either side of the case.
normzone, Mar 08 2014

       // I do believe though that in your opening move you approached Shaftesbury Avenue on the diagonal. Is that permitted where you come from?//   

       I was playing to Hedgefield Rules with the Reverse Modifier, so as not to confuse any non-English players.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2014

       [ytk], the link is interesting but not really much of a house. Perhaps you should consider the fact that before they started making bowling balls out of plastic, the most-common material was "hard rubber". I own such a bowling ball, and I'm certain the substance is tough enough to be used as framing material for an ordinary type of house. You would want softer rubber elsewhere in its construction, of course....
Vernon, Mar 09 2014

       //if your cohorts are easily amused//   

       Cohort: a battalion-sized military unit.   

       Much parade-ground drill is required to ensure that each maniple and century gets the joke at the same time. Warm-up decurions may be employed.
pertinax, Mar 09 2014

       I'm not sure I see the problem. Something that could potentially be described as a “rubber house” already exists? So just come up with some other kind of “rubber house” that doesn't.
ytk, Mar 09 2014

       Very well then - for the body of the idea I propose the following:   

       The ancient practice of rubbing, or laying paper over a textured surface and patterning over it with charcoal or pencil, yields an impression of the high and low points below the paper.   

       Rubber houses require a significant investment of time, and can pose fire hazards, but with minimal cost the owner of a humble shack can collect rubbings from far more luxurious dwellings and paper the walls with images of collectible art, windows where there are only planks, and such devices as light switches and thermostats even though the original shack has no electricity.   

       Rubber houses often exist as stand alone dwellings maintained by eccentric loners, although there is at least one small community of rubber houses in Mornington Crescent.
normzone, Mar 10 2014

       [normzone], nice!
Vernon, Mar 11 2014

       Here's a challenging category for whoever dares:   

normzone, Mar 11 2014

       Carbon Footprint Hat.
Canuck, Mar 12 2014

       Alright, I'm invoking the "dwell time" rule and providing the body of the idea in the absence of a timely player.   

       The Carbon Footprint Hat is...   

       It is...Damn, I haven't a clue. Give me a minute...   

       It is...A three dimensional model of your personal "carbon footprint" rendered referencing whatever criteria is politically fashionable at the moment and executed by a 3D printer that works in fabric, not plastics.   

       (momentary aside - I saw on the Guzzi forum the other day that somebodies technically oriented dad liked to sew, and when this was questioned he said "sewing is just engineering with fabric")   

       So your personal footprint as represented in fabric is modified to be headgear. If you live a "green" lifestyle, it will be minimal, perhaps beret-like. If you're a big consumer and don't care who knows it, it may be sombrero sized. Your mileage may vary.   

       Someone please propose a category for the next round.
normzone, Mar 28 2014

       Alright...as is so often the case, I am the only one who wants to play at my game...boyhood memories of wrestling myself, playing frisbee with me, and losing my allowance at poker distract me momentarily...oh yes, need an idea category.   

       Randomly chosen category yields:   


       Puns and musical references are encouraged.
normzone, Jul 21 2014

Puns and musical references are encouraged//

       Okay, I can't resist.   

       Title : Coin Notes
Loris, Jul 22 2014

       Coin notes: different denomination coins are shaped and profiled to ring like bells, their pitches being arranged in mathematical relationship to their value. That way you can jingle your pocket and hear how rich you are.
pocmloc, Jul 22 2014

       I'll followup with a simulated anno for the idea "Coin Notes" :   

       Wow. That would making counting your change back fun.
normzone, Jul 22 2014

       Alright...enough time has lapsed that I can shamelessly self-promote another round of this game.   

       In searching through the category options, I was stunned to see   


       It's up to you now...this could be a tough one to make original, but I just know the player who selects the idea name will come through.
normzone, Aug 26 2014

       See anno five steps above about playing with myself - I can't even find anybody who will take my money for poker lessons.   

       Okay, so computer: teledildonics. This has been baked, so I'm going to put that one back on the bottom of the extremely tall stack and pull another one from the [random] shoe .... and the winner is:   

       product: movie   

       Caveats include hobbies and romance.
normzone, Oct 11 2017

Voice, Oct 11 2017

       " Instaplot ", the indie film, springs onto the screen like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. A young french woman develops an unwilling relationship with Dr. Remulac, a counselor who's hobby of creating strange inventions influences his attempts to help his patients.
normzone, Oct 18 2017

       Food: Measurement
notexactly, Mar 16 2018

       Millefeuille Coefficient Zabaglione
pertinax, Mar 16 2018

       A Millefeuille Coefficient Zabaglione defines the ratio of Millefeuille present in one or more (or less) Zabaglione.   

       CAUTION: This is not to be confused with the equally popular Zamboni   

       Authorities currently promote the use of the metric Millefeuille over the common american Millefeuille, which has been downgraded since the collapase of the government.
normzone, Feb 04 2020


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