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The Great Indian Lateral Rope Trick

extend rope horizontally and walk along it
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In the Great Indian Rope Trick, a thick coiled rope is placed in a domed wicker basket in front of a tansfixed audience.

The magician then conjures the rope to rise vertically from the basket like a pole. When it reaches far into the air, a child ascends the rope, and in the mythical version, this child disappears in a puff of smoke when he reaches the very top. (witnesses report seeing this extreme version)

In the more modest spectacle, the child slides back down the rope, which is subsequently revealed to be the same flexible coil that was originally placed in the basket.(see link)

The Great Indian Lateral Rope Trick takes all of these elements, but places them in the context of a horizontal variation.

Instead of the rope ascending vertically the magician charms it out parallel to the ground where it remains unsupported except at the end where it leaves the basket, which has been turned on its side. The same child then dramatically walks along its entire length, returning to complete the spectacle. The rope retreats back into the basket as a finale to the performance.

In the extreme version, the horizontal rope extends across a pit containing snapping crocodiles, poisonous snakes or via a vertiginous gap between two tall buildings.

This entire phenomena is achieved using the exact same method as the proven vertical technique, except that its reorientation is parallel to the ground. No good Fakir ever reveals how this is done.

xenzag, May 06 2019

Great Indian Rope Trick https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xyaVfM2cQRk
one of my favourite versions [xenzag, May 06 2019]

Great Indian Rope Trick https://en.m.wikipe...i/Indian_rope_trick
[xenzag, May 06 2019]


       //tansfixed audience//   

       We came up with the same solution to audience retention for our poetry readings, what gauge steal rod are you using to pin them to their chairs?
Skewed, May 06 2019

       If you invite John Cooper Clarke to read and perform his poems, you'll have sell out audiences and will need those steel rods to hold back the enthusiasm.
xenzag, May 06 2019

       Surely sunblock would help?
not_morrison_rm, May 07 2019


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