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Theatre of the Absurd "Mime Control"

A group of theatrical volunteers who diffuse potentially annoying public disturbances with expressive live action performance
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I think the summary largely speaks for itself. Contactable by 'phone or website this organisation would tackle unruly flare-ups with expressive mime/ sound effects etc without the necessity for further brutality from the Forces of Good. Out of work actors could also use this to showcase their skills for possible "Journeys End" understudy roles.
Mr Ham, Apr 24 2006

Theatre Sniper Theatre_20sniper
Authored by [thumbwax]. [Letsbuildafort, Apr 24 2006]


       "We've got a hostage situation, scramble a sound effects specialist and the dance team immediately!"
normzone, Apr 24 2006

       "Hands up, this is a robbery!"
-Steven Segall enters bank-
-Robber gives up, overwhelmed with embarrassment from being seen in the same room with Segall.
-Crisis averted-

       [edit] - I am SO down with that revised title. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 24 2006


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