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The Halfbaked Kickstarter Adventure

Post ambitious ideas and retire to Kayman
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For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it's one of the more successful crowdfunding sites out there, and has been used by a large variety of entrepreneurs, from ones designing their own game consoles, to books, movies, and games, with several now funding projects at 7 figures.

One paradox is that giving current investment solicitation rules, those raising money on Kickstarter are actually not selling shares in their ventures -- they are typically "pre-ordering" special treatment, such as beta access to a game, etc. Some have muttered that many Kickstarer projects collect money, don't necessarily deliver goods. But hey, caveat emptor.

One project making a lot of noise recently (see link) is turning Hamlet into a Choose Your Own Adventure.

Well, I cannot imagine that by scouring the list of HB ideas, there are not hundreds, if not many thousands of ideas that, when posted as a Kickstarter idea, might bring an enthusiastic following. Some of these might even be buildable.

The world is our oyster. Served half baked.

theircompetitor, Dec 20 2012

Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/
[theircompetitor, Dec 20 2012]

The Hamlet Project http://www.wired.co...t-choose-adventure/
To be, turn left. [theircompetitor, Dec 20 2012]


       The halfbakery is like kickstarter but it's sort of built around a bunch of assumptions that people do or do not get to varying degrees.   

       It's a website for satirical invention ideas. Social commentary in the form of an invention.   

       Invention ideas also have a sort of willful blindness, that are often exposed and are humorous in the context of halfbakery.   

       It's also like the 'land of chocolate' Simpsons metaphor but on the level of the dream like state itself, so additionally funny. "mmm...ideas half price" (ideas are actually free, think about it)   

       Also inventions can be interpreted with the irony that they are being suggested but at the same time implied that they should not be done by virtue of being posted to the halfbakery.   

       Also there is the very subtle suggestion that a user might be on pot.   

       It's also can be interpreted as a free place where the commodification of ideas and thought is not as strong a force. Thus ideas are openly shared and people don't hold onto them with an anal protectionism. But that's the other side to bakedness.   

       It's also funny because of laziness, that a good idea is posted online thrown to the dogs, and not worked on to completion.   

       There's also the funniness of an idea that has formed somehow that really has little practical value inside one's own ethereality or in the world, but finds a place on the halfbakery.   

       There's also the funny idea that 'ideas are up in the air' and they are, and that an idea itself is really nothing at all, and people get really excited and serious about them.   

       There's also the funny reoccurrance of ideas that people think are original but are really very common conceptions for some reason. Like the energy generation gym.   

       It's also funny because halfbakery itself is halfbaked so when people submit ideas to 'complete' or 'improve' the halfbakery, such as you have done to complete the 'bakedness' they are making a funny, whether unintentionally or not.   

       It's also funny on the ad hominem level where the person can be considered a funny stupid person.   

       It's also funny on the level of content generation, that the WWW is really just an type of empty space, like an idea is until you put something there, but it gets filled with other ideas as content, and becomes something. On the halfbakery ideas have to describe something material, but the internet itself is something materal full of something immaterial.   

       There's even more underlying assumptions to the halfbakery but really the essence is "there's something funny about it" and users enjoy that.   

       And then there's the halfbakedness of a good idea being posted here seriously. Which is really the most halfbaked thing of all, because this is not a serious website for serious ideas.   

       It's also funny because it has rules, that's funny because halfbaked is actually some kind of standard which is nonintuitive.   

       And finally, "to be or not to be" isn't a question, it's the two things we have absolutely no question or choice about, that's halfbaked.   

       Also the 'networking' is halfbaked with users ideally having only incomplete ideas about eachother.   

       Pretty much keep thinking in terms of 'incomplete idea' and you can finish this halfbaked list of assumptions yourself.
rcarty, Dec 20 2012

       You think about this way too much, rcarty. ;o)

I think Kickstarter is a great idea. Whilst it's clearly a good way of parting fools from their money it's also a fantastic illustration of the fact that not everyone's trying to screw you over. It's the 'hey yes, that's a cool idea and you can have some of my money as long as I get some of your cool stuff. Equity? Nah!' bit that is fantastic. It's a sort of an anti-Dragon's Den. Long may it continue.
DrBob, Dec 20 2012

       Viable, Acceptable, Good:   

       choose one.
FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2012

       Halfstarter? Somehow this does not bode well.
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 20 2012


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