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The Halfbaker's Prayer

In this manner pray ye
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Dear Person,
Who administrateth the halfbakery,
Hallowed be thy edicts.
Thy croissants come.
Thy site be rendered, on explorer as it is in netscape.
Grant us this day our daily logon.
And forgive us our transgressions,
As we forgive those who fishbone us.
And lead us not into flamewars,
But deliver us from trolls.
For thine is the Help file,
and the Server,
and the Domain,
for ever and ever.
neelandan, Apr 01 2002


       I like it, but it'll take a lot more to flatter [jutta]. Believe me, I've tried.   

       (Coquettish glances in [jutta]'s direction)
See? Nothing.
phoenix, Apr 01 2002

       Actually, jutta considers it to be an embarrassment to be treated in a worship manner, for instance, by request I no longer say "All hail jutta" or "Bow before jutta" or...
thumbwax, Apr 01 2002

       <adjusts tin hat> Some minor edits. Any suggestions for a more appropriate category?
neelandan, Apr 02 2002

       More appropriate? Probably | halfbakery: song | but only because this is verse of a sort.   

       [phoenix], gawd you crack me up.
bristolz, Apr 02 2002


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